Can Word be used on Macs? Yes, and on top of that for free

We all know the famous shows Word, Excel, PowerPointHowever, if you know a little about their origin, you will know that the owner of them is Microsoft, Apple's rival company, so you will doubt if you can use them on your Mac computer.

However, I have to tell you that yes, and although they can be used like any other program, today I am going to show you the easiest, safest, and most importantly free way to run any of them in just a few seconds.

Use Word on Mac for free

The form is the same that we could use on any other device and operating systemwhether Windows itself, or Linux, MacOS, even on mobile devices.

This simple way is to use Microsoft Word Online, that is, the version that the company itself offers for free and unlimited to all users.

To do this we only have to enter through the browser, so the only requirement would be to have an internet connection. We can do it from here.

Once inside, we will have to access with an email and password. If we already have a Hotmail, Outlook or any account that belongs to the company, we can do it with it, if not we will have to create one, although don't worry, it's free and it will only take a couple of minutes.

And this is very interesting, since, once inside, we can choose which program to use, among those the company has (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…) and everything we do in them will be saved automatically.

That is, if you start a document and the power goes out, don't worry, every letter you enter will be saved and stored on the servers, so you don't have to be afraid of losing your file. Furthermore, another advantage of this is that you will be able to access them from anywhereThat is, if, for example, you are at work or school and you forgot the pendrive where you brought the document, nothing happens, just by logging in with your email and password from any other computer you will be able to view everything.

Word Excel

In short, an option that I, personally, like much more than using the program itself, which sometimes even gets stuck, and we have to restart, afraid of having lost something. In addition to being totally freewithout the need for licenses, and can access it from any computer and anywhere in the world.

So if you change computers, or directly start using Mac, Linux or an iPad, you will be able to enter without problem and continue with your files where you left off, as well as download them in PDF or print them directly from the browser.

And you, did you know this method, or are you still paying to be able to use Word on your desktop? The truth is that now I use a Mac, but when I did it on Windows I didn't pay for these programs either. Once I discovered the online option, I started using it all the time. The compatibility between different systems and the security of doing it in the cloud is another world.