Can you buy an iPhone in milanuncios?

Wallapop is one of the main second-hand sales platforms. Nevertheless, it’s not the only one, since at present we find other very interesting alternatives such as milanuncios, where you can sell your Apple device without problems. In this post, we are going to analyze the main features of this platform.

If it exists and can be sold, it is in milanuncios

A thousand ads is a platform where you can sell any product at a level small companies What of users. In this sense, the operation is well known to most users who have ever tried to sell or buy an Apple product through a second-hand trading platform.

How can you upload or search for an iPhone to Thousand Ads?

The upload process is extremely simple. The first thing you have to do is register as a user. SIf you haven’t done it before, you can do it through gmail, Facebook or through your Apple account. Once you are already registered, in the upper right part you will see your profile, where you can click on it and you will see different sections such as messages, shipping products, and the option to upload a product If you want to upload a product, click on it and choose a category and its subcategories. You can then determine “if you are looking for or selling an iPhone” and choose up to a total of nine photos.

You can also add a state in which the product is located, a description, the price, determine if you are an individual or professional and the location. The latter is very important, especially if you want a sale in person, to avoid people who live hundreds of kilometers away from contacting you. Once you have completed all the fields, click on “post”

What information should you have and ask for an iPhone?

The Photographs It is something fundamental, and not only from the front and rear screen of the device, but incorporating all possible angles of the product makes the potential buyer see that the product is in good condition. It is not only important add iPhone photos, but it may be advisable to add photos of the covers, iphone case and even the charger. In this way, the user quickly knows how the mobile has been cared for before putting it up for sale.

The description It is also very important, since it shows what the user’s objective is. It is possible that the user wants to sell the iPhone because he wants to buy the new generation or simply wants to recover part of the investment made. In addition, it is recommended that keywords such as “invoice” or if the device still has “warranty”. Offering information to the buyer makes the purchase process much faster and with greater confidence among users.

side iPhone Pro Max

Purchase process and positive feedback

Many users distrust sellers for fear of being scammed or deceived, since it is a platform where you can find a multitude of users with very diverse intentions. In this case, it is essential to know sincere and concise and provide all the necessary information regarding the product, be it videos of how the iOS operating system flows, detailed descriptions, photos with the camera or any section related to the product and that facilitates security with the client.

Two aspects that generate confidence in the purchasing process is knowing the opinions of other users to see how the deal has been in previous sales. If you have good comments, you know that you are a professional user and people prefer you over a user without a profile picture or comments, since that generates great distrust.