Can you call 112 without coverage with the iPhone?

That is why today we are going to see how this type of calls really works and in what situations we can make a call. despite not having coveragesince as I say, it will not always be possible, rather on rare occasions.

Call 112 without coverage?

And there is some reason in the statement, but it is not entirely correct. Many people believe that they can make an emergency call anywhere, even if they don't have coverage, and that doesn't work that way.

To be able to call emergencies you will need the telephone signal to reach your iPhone, even if it is not your company's. This means that if waves arrive from any other company, your mobile will capture them and call 112 thanks to them, free of charge and automatically. This works with any company, whether from your country or another, in case you are near a border and receive that signal.

That is, could I call if I am from Vodafone and I don't have coverage in the mountains? Yes, if there is one from another company such as Orange, your phone will capture it and make the connection. That has created a myth that you can call anywhere, and that is not the case..

You can do a very simple example, look for a place where there is never coverage, such as a cave, a garage located several floors underground, etc. Try dialing the emergency call, you will see how your iPhone says it is not possible. This is because no signal, from any company, is present.

Therefore, if you go to the mountains, or a place where there may be different areas with more or less coverage, it is true that you have many options to contact 112, but if you plan to go into a cave or dangerous place thinking that You can always call emergencies, be careful, it is a myth, and no, without coverage you can't call.

iPhone Coverage Tip

So now you know, be very careful and deny this to anyone who tells you, since most of the time If you don't have coverage, it's very likely that another company doesn't have it either., so it is better to be safe and not venture into places where we could end up stranded. If you have not seen the 2022 Vertigo movie, it is a very good reference to what we are talking about today.

And you, did you know this information? Were you one of those who thought you could call in any situation, or were you clear that in a mine 800 meters underground it was impossible to communicate, be it 112 or another number? The truth is that many people continue to believe this, and it is something that we must try to change, since it can be dangerous to believe in something that you have never used, thinking that the day you need it it will be there.