Can you take photos with the Apple Watch? The answer is yes

It will always be few times the occasions that we will say that the Apple Watch is the ideal complement for your iPhone. Not only is it a watch with sports and healthy functions, but it allows you to enjoy iPhone much more profitably. In this post we are going to discuss How to take pictures with our Apple Watch.

Light, Apple Watch and action

One of the functions that many users are unaware of is the possibility of using the Apple Watch to activate the iPhone camera automatically. remote. From it, we can essential aspects such as a good photograph such as the focus, the timer and activate or deactivate the flash and, when everything is ready, be able to execute the photo. This process of taking pictures is quite simple and can be done in five steps.

  1. we open the Camera app on Apple Watch. Remember that both the Apple Watch and the iPhone have to be on the same version of the operating system.
  2. Position the iPhone to frame the photo using Apple Watch as viewer.
  3. To zoom, turn the Digital Crown. touch and choose from the following options:
    1. Timer, Camera (front or rear), Camera (front or rear), Flash (auto, on or off), Live Photo (auto, on or off) HDR (on or off)
  4. For shoot the cameratap the Photo button.
  5. Once the photo is taken, you have to view it from the Apple Watch. A thumbnail will appear at the bottom left, touch it and you can see all the photos taken.

Apple Watch Ultra

You can too take pictures in different formats such as portrait mode and its many variables, 1:1 format, panoramic, but not directly from the Apple Watch, but you have to activate it from the iPhone itself. Once you have it activated, you can take the photograph as we have shown previously.

Customizing photos on Apple Watch and iPhone

If you want to see the photographs once taken, from the Apple Watch Camera app. However, it is important to highlight that both devices are at a close distance so that they can communicate because their connection is via Bluetooth. To see a photo on the Apple Watch we have to perform dthe simple steps:

  1. we open the Camera Control app on our Apple Watch.
  2. We touch the central button. From the Apple Watch app you can do the following functions:
    1. View a photo: Tap the thumbnail in the bottom left.
    2. See other photos: Swipe left or right.
    3. Zoom: Turn the Digital Crown.
    4. Pan: Drag on an enlarged photo.
    5. Fill the screen: Double-tap the photo.
    6. Hide or show the close button and number of photos: Touch the screen.

Another great feature of the camera app is that apart from taking photos, it also you can record videos. To do it, we simply change the mode on our iPhone, sliding to the right or left from the iPhone camera app. Once the mode we want to use is selected, we open the app on the Apple Watch and carry out the aforementioned process.

Leave us in the comments if you know this way to take pictures through the Apple Watch.