Can you use past generation cases on your new iPhone?

Device size and shape

He device size and shape are two of the most important elements in the combativeness of cases with your iPhone, due to the fact that each iPhone model has dimensions of size and shape specific and that they may be slightly different between generations. The differences can focus on small nuances such as the size of the camera module, the use of the panel and even small changes in the audio output.

For example, the iPhone 13 Pro cases at first would mean that they are similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, however, when you go to check, you notice that the camera module of the latest generation of iPhone is larger and therefore Therefore, the covers are already incompatible.

Perhaps the only generations that can be compatible between devices of different generations are those of the second and third generation iPhone SE, since their changes occurred internally and not externally. It can also be with older devices like the iphone 7, whose case also works perfectly for the models of the iPhone 8, due to the fact that they have the same dimensions and shape.

Consequences of using an incompatible case

We have seen that not all the covers of different generations do not adapt equally well to our device, generating a problem of fastening and coupling between both elements. However, having an incompatible case can cause more serious problems that we are going to analyze below.

First, incompatible cases can not fit correctly on iPhone. This can cause the case to shift or come off, leaving your device unprotected and vulnerable to damage. Also, incompatible cases can interfere with iPhone’s ability to connect to other devices, such as headphones, chargers, and speakers.


Using an incompatible case with your iPhone can cause interference in device performanceBecause some cases can block the iPhone’s microphone or speaker, which can affect sound quality and make it difficult to communicate with others. Also, some cases may interfere with iPhone’s ability to dissipate heatgenerating overheating that can affect the performance and durability of the battery.

iPhone 13 mini black

It is important to note that some incompatible cases may damage the iPhone case. If the case isn’t specifically designed for the iPhone model you have, it can put pressure in the wrong places or interfere with the iPhone’s ability to adjust the battery’s temperature. This can cause permanent damage to the iPhone’s case and, in some cases, require the device to be repaired or replaced. Lastly, using previous generation covers can cause connections like the MagSafe load may not run correctly, increasing the temperature and generating an inefficient device during the charging process.

As a conclusion, it is not advisable to use covers from different generations, not only because of their visual incompatibility, but also because of the possibility of generating an incomplete user experience.