Carbon Fiber Accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch

Pitaka is an expert in manufacture carbon fiber and aramid fiber accessories for our iPhone and Apple Watchand today we test three of them with which we will not only achieve a different design but also protect them.

MagEZ Case Pro 4 Case

We start with one of Pitaka's most popular products: its aramid fiber cover. We are looking at an iPhone case (in this case 15 Pro Max) that stands out for its thinness (1.65mm) and lightness (35g) but nevertheless has military-grade protection certification. How can you achieve that? Using a material such as aramid fiber, a material very similar to carbon fiber, with very similar properties but with one advantage: it is more resistant to impact, something really useful when we talk about a case for a mobile phone. In addition to this fiber, the case is made of TPU and aluminum, located in the frame that surrounds the camera module and the buttons.

The case protects the iPhone from all sides, including the USB-C connector, and features the classic carbon fiber design pattern on the entire back and part of the edges. It has a very good feel, the edges are beveled so that they do not interfere when you have the phone in your hand, and it does not slip in the hand, it has a very good grip. It stains easily with grease from your hands, but it cleans just as easily with a cloth or your pants. The metal buttons also have a very good feel, the press is perfectly noticeable and the action button is also covered by a metal button. The materials of the case are completed with an internal Nappa leather coating, not microfiber, which will protect your iPhone from possible scratches.

Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro 4 Case

Both the camera module and the front edges of the case are slightly raised to protect the phone's screen and camera lenses when placed on any flat surface. With all this and despite being a case that increases the thickness of the iPhone very little The level of protection it offers to our phone is high, much more than that of other similar cases, which is very appreciated when we carry it in our hand or put it in our pocket. Of course it has the Magsafe system to be able to use compatible accessories, and Pitaka has several of them, such as the charging base that we already analyzed in this link, or the MagSafe ring that we will talk about in this article. And it also has an NFC chip with which we can check the authenticity of the case and download content for our iPhone such as wallpapers, games or music.

MagEZ Grip Ring

Rings to hold our iPhone more securely have become very popular in cases, and since the inclusion of the MagSafe system even more so, since we can put them on and take them off as we wish, comfortably and quickly. This Gray MagEZ is made of aramid fiber and a zinc alloy that make it very light (27g) and thin (4.3mm). It is placed on our iPhone magnetically thanks to the MagSafe system with a really powerful grip that allows you to be sure that it will not fall with movements. It is very comfortable for when you are going to take photos or record videosor even to use it as a stand and place it on the table to enjoy multimedia content.

Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro 4 Case

The design is the same as that of the case, with the carbon fiber pattern and the same colors, so that they combine perfectly. as a surprise It also incorporates an NFC chip that we can use to create automations that run when brought closer to our iPhone. In the video I show you an example of how you can create an automation to listen to music, but you can create the one you want using the iPhone Shortcuts application.

Carbon Fiber Strap for Apple Watch

The last accessory we tested is this fantastic strap made of carbon fiber for the Apple Watch. It is compatible with all Apple Watch models, even the small ones and the Apple Watch Ultra. The carbon fiber is 1K type and is what 1oo% of the links of this strap are made of.. In addition to this material, we find stainless steel for the bolts that hook the links together and the strap hooks to the Apple Watch. The total weight of the strap is 32.6g, its width is 22mm and the length is 185.4mm. It is adjustable in length, and links can be removed thanks to the tool included in the box, in which we also find spare links and hooks for Apple Watch.

Pitaka Strap for Apple Watch

It has two designs: modern and Retro, with the links of the retro model being larger than those of the modern model. The photos you see in this article and the video are of the modern model, which is the one we have been able to test. The design is very clean and minimalist, and looks good on any Apple Watch model. The magnetic closure is very comfortable and secure, the two parts of the strap come together magnetically almost automaticallyand to open it it is necessary to press the two side buttons at the same time, which ensures that it will not open accidentally.

Editor's opinion

“Carbon fiber” designs are very popular in cases, straps and other accessories for our electronic devices, but they are generally just vinyl or paint placed on top of plastic. These accessories that we tested today from Pitaka are made of carbon fiber and aramid fiber, High resistance and very light materials that also offer a modern design to our phone and watch. Combined with other top quality materials such as aluminum, steel and leather, this case, strap and ring are perfect complements for those who want to give a different touch to their device without giving up high protection. You can buy them on the Pitaka website:

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