CardPointers: Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Rewards On iOS

With a list of over 3,000 credit cards, CardPointers is a native iOS/watchOS software that may assist users to manage their cards and maximise their daily earnings.

You can add your cards quickly and earn additional cashback or points on every transaction without giving your bank login information. You will not ever again overlook a chance to save money or get free credit. Most users save over $750 annually! Over the past few years, the rivalry in the credit card market has intensified significantly. American Express, Chase, and Capital One are just a few of the companies that have increased their offerings with significant welcome bonuses, fresh redemption opportunities, attractive spending and reward categories, and much more.

CardPointers Can Help You Get More Rewards

This might first be overwhelming and perplexing, speaking from experience. When card issuers tempt you to exchange for low redemption values, it is simple to make mistakes. All of these circumstances are what CardPointers tries to assist you with.

You will be prompted to complete the process of adding your current credit cards when you first access CardPointers. You may include the date that you were accepted throughout this procedure, make any necessary changes to the bonus categories, and examine all of the available offers.

It is crucial to include the day you were authorized for a credit card, especially if the card offers a sign-up bonus or an annual charge. You may monitor your advancement toward a welcome bonus using CardPointers. An especially useful enhancement is a Safari extension. Once the extension is activated, it will let you know which of your credit cards to use on any e-commerce site. Additionally, it will display any credits or deals that you have access to.

On the Chase or American Express websites, the plugin is equally useful. With just one tap, you may engage any one of the hundreds of offers that are accessible. Following that, they will sync with your CardPointers account.

The app now includes region-based alerts on Apple Watch so users may see which card to use without opening the app. The software on the tiny screen features a new Settings screen, search, and swiping motions in addition to new watch face complexities.