CarPlay 2 adds these new features thanks to iOS 17.4

CarPlay was launched a decade ago, along with iOS 7.1, and since then it has undergone evolutions, with better functions and greater compatibility with applications, however, we will see the biggest change this year.

It would be about the second version of CarPlay, with many improvements, new tools and a greater number of compatible apps and cars. AND Thanks to the first beta of iOS 17.4 we already know more things about this version, so let's find out.

CarPlay 2, what will it be like?

This new version was expected for last year, however, like most of these types of updates, they end up suffering delays. Even so, During 2024 we will see CarPlay 2and there are already many cars and brands that have confirmed that they will have it incorporated, so its launch could be imminent.

As we said, over time the CarPlay version has evolved, however, this new version is called number 2 because it will not work for cars that currently have this system, but rather they must be totally new and with a requirement It is essential to have at least 2 screens.

That is, to be able to enjoy everything we will talk about now, you must have one of the cars that announced that they would have this version and that in turn have several screens to be able to enjoy all the functions it brings.

There have been several highlights that have been leaked thanks to this new version of iOS, however, the most notable, or at least for me, have been:

  • Control the vehicle climate
  • Know the % of the car's battery (if it is electric)
  • Tire pressure information
  • Control of km, trips, averages, etc.

As well as the cameras, radio, and various settings. That is, CarPlay 2 could be the substitute for what we know as the car's central panel, which provides us with data and alerts such as open doors or low fuel reserve.

Today CarPlay simply acts as an external device that offers us very interesting functions, but without having anything to do with the vehicle. However, CarPlay 2 will be integrated with it, being able to perform multiple actions on it.

new carplay interface

All these tools will also have their custom widgetsso you can modify the screens with the ones you use or want the most, as well as the size, shape and layout of each one.

Aston Martin and Porsche have confirmed that the models they will release this year will have CarPlay 2 integrated, however, it is expected that they will not all be from this range, and that smaller and cheaper brands will also include it.

And you, what do you expect from this new version? In my opinion it is very interesting, except that the fact of having to carry it as standard in the vehicle will mean that it will not be something very common for many years, being something that will surely be quite expensive. in the first models, not only because of this extra, but because they must have several built-in screens, something that is not cheap.