CarPuride: add CarPlay to your car in just two minutes

if your car does not have CarPlay now is the time to add it without worrying about compatibility, without installation and without spending a fortune. Carpuride adds CarPlay to any car, and you put it on your own in just two minutes.


Carpuride is a system that can be placed in any vehicle and that works independently of the audio system you have installed, although you can use it if you wish. The manufacturer has different packs that include somewhat different functionalities, so their prices also vary:

  • CarPlay/Android Auto system by cable for €319 (link)
  • CarPlay/Android Auto system wired with rear camera for €329 (link)
  • CarPlay/Android Auto system wireless and wired for €379 (link)
  • CarPlay/Android Auto system wireless and wired with rear camera for €389 (link)

The operation of all the systems is the same, with the differences of the inclusion or not of the rear parking camera, which would need installation (unless you are a handyman) and the fact that you have to connect your telephone with cable or not to the USB of the device to be able to use CarPlay (or Android Auto). In this article we are going to analyze the most complete pack, but it is 99% applicable to the rest of the available packs. In the box we will find:

  • CarPuride device with 7″ touch screen
  • USB-A connection to connect the phone, with charging and data transmission. Also serves to connect USB memory drives with multimedia content
  • microSD slot for multimedia content
  • Audio output to connect to the vehicle’s sound system
  • Rear camera video input (optional)
  • Wireless and wired CarPlay and Android Auto systems
  • Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free
  • integrated microphone
  • air play
  • FM transmitter to emit the sound through the vehicle’s sound system
  • integrated speaker
  • Rear parking camera system
  • Fixed bracket for dashboard
  • Suction cup mount for dashboard or front glass
  • All cables and adapters necessary for installation


One of the strengths of this system is that no need to look for any installerThere’s also no need to go around figuring out if your specific model and year of vehicle is compatible. It doesn’t matter what car you have, what year you bought it, Carpuride will work without the slightest problem because all you need is your iPhone to have CarPlay working 100%.

The only thing you will have to ask yourself is if you prefer the suction cup mount or the fixed one for the dashboard. Once decided, you will only have to find the most appropriate place, generally in the center of the dashboard, clean the surface, fix the support and place the screens. As soon as you connect the cigarette lighter adapter (incorporated) you will have it on and working. The device turns on and off automatically with your car, but in case the cigarette lighter doesn’t turn off with the vehicle’s ignition (as in my case) it has a power button on the top, which also serves to silence it.

In case you want install rear cameraor you are a handyman or you will need to go to a specialized workshop that is in charge of connecting the camera and the system that will automatically activate when you put the reverse gear to see it on the CarPuride screen.


The entire configuration process barely takes a minute, as you can see in the video that accompanies the article. All you have to do is connect to the device via Bluetooth, and he will take care of the rest. It is important that you have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on your iPhone, as it uses the Wi-Fi connection for wireless CarPlay and AirPlay functions.

As CarPlay is nothing more than a remote screen of your mobile, you do not need to install applications or configure anything, since The applications that you have on your iPhone and that are compatible with CarPlay will automatically appearsuch as Maps, Google Maps, Waze, WhatsApp, Apple Music, Spotify, Podcast, etc. Your podcast subscriptions, the music you listen to in your favorite app, or your saved destinations in your favorite maps app will be available on the new screen in your car, because again, that screen really is your iPhone.

One last important detail, and that is that although the device has its built-in speaker, the sound quality is not that of a car audio system, however old it may be. If you want to listen to your music, calls, podcast… on your car speakers, you have two ways to do it:

  • Using the audio output of the device and the auxiliary input of your car, using the Jack to Jack cable that is included in the box
  • Using the FM transmitter Of the device

The car in which I have installed this CarPuride is so old that it does not even have an auxiliary sound input, so I had to opt for the FM transmitter. How does it work? It’s really simple, since all you have to do is choose on the device the FM frequency on which you want it to broadcast, and put your car radio on that FM frequency. You will now have all the sound of CarPlay in your car, with all the quality that your sound system can give. The connection is very stable as long as you choose a frequency where there are no stations in your area. It has really surprised me how well it works. We can also choose if we want the speaker to work at the same time as the car speakers or disable it.


CarPuride offers us its own menu with which we can use functions such as hands-free calls, multimedia playback of content that we have stored on a USB memory or microSD card, or even the possibility of send multimedia content from our iPhone via AirPlay with iOS screen mirroring option. All of these features are outside of CarPlay. We also have a brief settings menu in which we have some customization options (a pity that Spanish is not among the language options) and the FM Radio function that we already talked about before.

If we already enter the CarPlay function, its operation is exactly the same as on a screen that is already installed in your vehicle from the factory. The touch screen is really comfortable for handling CarPlay, and the touch response of this device is really good. Navigation through the menus is very smooth, and fast, as well as the response speed. There is only some delay when using wireless CarPlay and starting music or podcast playback. This delay also exists in the official CarPlay already installed from the factory, and is something specific to the wireless system, not a problem with CarPuride.

Navigating through Maps, searching for destinations, playing Apple Music and Podcasts, sending messages and WhatsApps, using Siri… everything works great, exactly the same as in the factory CarPlay of my car. In the time I’ve used it I haven’t noticed any unexpected outages. In 99% of the times that I have started the car, the connection to CarPlay has been automatic, without having to touch anything. Only on a rare occasion have I had to press the i-Car button (as this device is called CarPlay, I guess for licensing reasons) to get CarPlay to jump.

Editor’s opinion

Installing CarPlay in a vehicle that does not have it is a costly process that in most cases requires going through a specialized installer. With CarPuride this changes, and we can have a screen with CarPlay in any vehicle, regardless of the make, model and year, installed by you in just 2 minutes, and with an operation indistinguishable from the pre-installed CarPlay that comes from the factory. With different packs, the price of this fantastic device starts at €319 (link) of the most affordable system up to €389 for the most complete (link)

CarPuride CarPlay System
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€319 to €389

  • CarPuride CarPlay System
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  • Last modification: March 2, 2022


  • Does not require specialized installation
  • Wired and wireless options
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Great user experience
  • Integration with car sound system


  • A/C adapter and cable integrated in one