Carrefour knocks down the best-selling Apple sports watch with GPS of 2024 on its website

If you were waiting for a good discount to get the brand new Apple Watch Series 9, this is your chance! Because Carrefour continues to celebrate its Apple Daysalthough it is the last few hours… So we recommend that you hurry if you don't want to find that it has returned to its original price.

The watch we bring is, as you may have seen, one of Apple's most premium. It's not the Ultra version, but it probably has everything you need! And it has GPS, it has a good battery and you will feel that you are practically in front of a mobile phone that you can connect to your wrist. Keep reading, because we guarantee you won't want to miss it.

Apple Watch Series 9: a watch without rival

Let's see what this watch can offer! The first thing you should know is that its design is undoubtedly one of the best you will find on the market. And it is that Manzana takes care of all the details, something that we can appreciate in the sphere itself that it brings with it. In this case, we are talking about the version of 45mmwhich is quite large.

Weighs around 40 grams, so you will practically not notice that you have it with you. To this we must add that the screen offers an unparalleled resolution, 484 x 396 pixels, and that it is LTPO OLED type. In addition, it has the functionality Always on Display, which will allow you to always have it active and use it as if it were a traditional watch. Although be careful with the battery!

Thanks to the processor hidden inside, you can use any application you want without ever noticing latencies or drops in performance. And this is something you will be grateful for whenever you want reply messageslisten to music or even play games on your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 9

Along with everything we have already pointed out, you should know that will monitor completely your health parameters. From your blood oxygen saturation to your heart rate, including the physical activity you do. Furthermore, it has an immense amount of sports modes among which you will be able to choose comfortably.

Get it on Amazon at the best price

It is one of the most complete smartwatches you will find on the market, and the best you can choose if you have an iPhone. After all, it will be almost as if this were another extension of your mobile to calls, notifications, messages… It will always keep you connected! And it will allow you to listen to music, record your running routes with its GPS and much more.

Check it out at Carrefour, because we have never seen it so cheap, and we can assure you that you will want to get it! It has collapsed to just €459, but for a time limit. We leave it to you at this link!