Casetify, protection for your iPhone with its own style

We tested the most fashionable brand accessories for our iPhone: Casetify. Cases, screen protectors, neck straps, card holders… everything you need to keep your iPhone up to date and without forgetting the most important thing: protection.

It is the fashion brand in the world of iPhone accessories. Casetify offers almost unique cases, first because It has so many designs that it will be difficult for you to match someone who has chosen the same one as yours., but many of the models also offer you customization options including lettering on the case, different colors, symbols… the options are countless. And they also have case models for almost any iPhone, starting from the iPhone 7 Plus, so they don’t forget anyone.

iPhone Cases

Bounce Model, Inside Out Collection

We are used to case manufacturers offering us a specific model in very specific colors, and that’s it. If you change the model, you can no longer have those colors, or if you like a design it must be with that model of case, you cannot choose one with greater protection or perhaps lighter. With Casetify forget about that, because Your favorite design will be on different case models and even for different iPhone in the end you can choose what you really want, not what they only allow you.

We have chosen the “Inside Out” collection, one of the many that Casetify has and that shows us the internal components of the iPhone on the back of the case. We have chosen one of the finishes of the collection in the “Bounce” modelwhich offers very high protection and is compatible with the MagSafe system, and the other case is from the “Inside Parts” collection in the Impact Sleeve modelwhich offers high protection but with a thinner and lighter design, and which is compatible with wireless charging but not with the MagSafe system.

Casetify Case

Impact Model, Inside Parts Collection

The most identifying feature of the cases is the camera frame with the Casetify screen printing, the house’s brand. It has become so popular that it is now easy to find covers that imitate it. But in addition to this “cool” design, it should be noted that they are cases of very high construction quality. The Bounce case with its shock-absorbing corners is a real tank for our iPhone, with pProtection against drops of up to 6.5 meters and certification that multiplies the military protection standard by 6, a real outrage. Of course, after this, talking about the protection against drops of up to 2.5 meters that the other case offers may sound ridiculous, but that is more than what most cases on the market offer, and all of this in a Very compact and lightweight design.

Both cases offer exceptional grip, they are not slippery at all, a very common sin in other cases made of these materials, but which does not happen here. Pressing the buttons is very smooth, even on the much thicker Bounce model, and of course you have all the spaces for the speaker, microphone, connector and mute switch perfectly adjusted. For front protection, they have a lip that protrudes above the glass. of the screen, so you can place your iPhone face down without problems. Oh, and I can’t forget, the covers are made with recycled materials.

Protective glass

To complete the 360º protection of our iPhone, there is nothing better than adding a front glass. Apple assures that the glass of our iPhone is the most resistant you can find in any phone, but that does not mean that it is indestructible, in fact if you are not careful it will scratch quite easily. That is why it is almost mandatory to install a protective front glass, because it will be scratched just like the one on your iPhone, but you can replace it and put another one on it. The Casetify front glass offers high protection (9H), resistance to drops of up to 1.5 meters and protection against blue light.

Casetify Screen Protector

Placing the glass is simple, although I missed that a guide was included to place it perfectly aligned with the screen. That said, the truth is that it turned out perfect the first time, as you can see in the video. It fits the screen very well, leaving just enough space so that the covers do not lift it, and it even has the cutout for the headphone speaker, almost inconspicuous but there it is. As a curiosity, It is the first time I have seen a glass with the brand logo screen printed in the corners. There is no problem, it is barely noticeable and does not bother you at all, in fact with the screen on you don’t even see it.

The protector complies with everything that should be required of a product like this: screen brightness intact, does not interfere with proximity, brightness or FaceID sensors, has an identical feel to the iPhone screen itself and the tactile response remains unchanged. That is, you won’t notice that you’re wearing it, except when you look at the screen from a certain angle and see the Casetify screen printing.

MagSafe card holder

One of the most popular accessories that the MagSafe system has brought us is the card holder snappy. Its magnetic attachment to the iPhone and the possibility of including several cards allows us to completely forget about our wallet at home, because we can carry our identification card and another credit card along with our iPhone. Casetify offers us a model with countless designs, I would say that almost as many card holder designs as cases, they can even be personalized as well. Light, thin and with very good grip to the MagSafe systemespecially when you are wearing a case, since the glass back of the iPhone is slippery and makes it come off more easily.

Casetify case and card holder

Inserting the cards is always easy, removing them not so much. That is why at Casetify they have chosen to put a hole in the back to be able to slide the cards and not suffer when we need to extract them. Two credit cards fit perfectly. It is also made of recycled materials with a texture that simulates skin. It also has an RFID shield to protect your cards. A perfect accessory to go light in your daily life without missing anything. Obviously it is essential to have an iPhone with MagSafe and use a MagSafe compatible case to be able to use it.

2 in 1 neck and wrist tape

Another very fashionable accessory: the neckband. The comfort and security that carrying your iPhone around your neck offers you has turned this accessory into a more fashionable element that we are used to seeing on the street. Casetify goes further, and offers us a TOP product for quality of materials, design and versatility, because they are two products in one: hang it from your neck or your wrist, as you need. The system used by Casetify allows the tape to be dismantled and shortened in two stepsand be able to use it to carry the phone comfortably securely on the wrist.

Casetify case and neck strap

The materials used are nylon from recycled materials, and the hooks are metal aluminum, so the safety and reliability of the product is beyond any doubt. lThe strap can be worn around the neck or even as a shoulder bag., and is compatible with any case or phone model, since it uses a small piece that is inserted under the case to hook the tape. When you don’t want to continue using the tape, you unhook it and that element is barely noticeable on your phone.

They are fashionable, and they are also good

Casetify is trendy, but it’s not just that. No case brand is going to offer you the enormous variety of models and designs for your iPhone, nor the customization options to make them unique. The levels of protection offered by some of their cases are surprising, and their designs are truly attractive.. The same goes for its accessories, all made with top quality materials. Popularity has a price, that’s true, and the price of these products is above average, but so is their quality and everything they offer us. You can buy their cases and accessories on the Casetify website.