iPhone 15 Pro Has Vibrant New Colors

<strong>iPhone 15 Pro Has Vibrant New Colors</strong>

The September release date for the new iPhone 15 Pro is still almost half a year away, but that has not stopped rumors from surfacing. In addition to the images we saw last week, today we now have another computer-generated image of the iPhone 15 for your perusal. This is the speculated flagship color of … Read more

iPhone 15 Plus New Design  

iPhone 15 Plus New Design  

Today, 9to5Mac unveiled renders of the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus, indicating that the handset may offer minimal design enhancements compared to the iPhone 14 Plus. Following earlier leaks for both the standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro, they are allegedly based on CAD designs supplied to Apple’s supply chain for device manufacturing. Instead … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Will Have 8 GB RAM

<strong>iPhone 15 Pro Will Have 8 GB RAM</strong>

The iPhone 15 Pro will not be available until the end of the year, but the international supply chain already has much to say. TrendForce, a Taiwanese supply chain monitoring organization, alleges that Apple has increased its RAM order for the iPhone 15 Pro. TrendForce reports in its most recent newsletter that Apple would “increase … Read more

New iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked

<strong>New iPhone 15 Pro Design Leaked</strong>

Even though we have heard a lot about the iPhone 15 Pro, it appears that we are now getting our first glimpse at the gadget in the form of new renderings. This is purportedly based on a CAD model from a reputable case maker, however, the final product may look different. If something is only … Read more

iPhone 5S Gets A New Security Update From Apple

<strong>iPhone 5S Gets A New Security Update From Apple</strong>

With the introduction of iOS 12, the iPhone 5S received its final OS upgrade, yet it is still functional. The 2013-era gadget received a security upgrade this week, specifically a raise to iOS 12.5.7, as noted by AppleInsider. That’s wonderful news for everyone who enjoys making the most of their gadget, even if they don’t … Read more

New iPhone 15 Design Is Shocking

<strong>New iPhone 15 Design Is Shocking</strong>

Apple is allegedly preparing a number of innovative design modifications for the iPhone 15. More information has now been made public by well-known leaker ShrimpApplePro, who claims that the alterations make the iPhone 15 seem more Android-like than ever. The unidentified leaker claims in a series of tweets that all iPhone 15 models will have … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Display Bug Issue Will Be Repaired Soon

<strong>iPhone 14 Pro Display Bug Issue Will Be Repaired Soon</strong>

When they turned on their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screens, some consumers noticed horizontal lines. It appears that Apple has now acknowledged the problem internally. Soon after the debut of the iPhone 14 series, reports of the display problem surfaced, and it only seemed to impact the Pro versions (see the image below … Read more

New iPhone SE Dropped By Apple

<strong>New iPhone SE Dropped By Apple</strong>

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has notified suppliers that it would not be releasing a fourth-generation iPhone SE in 2024. Kuo originally predicted that the fourth-generation iPhone SE would be shelved or delayed, but he is now convinced that the product is no longer being produced. In a post on Medium today, Kuo said … Read more

iPhone 15’s Details Leaked

<strong>iPhone 15’s Details Leaked</strong>

Even though the iPhone 15 series won’t likely be available until the autumn of 2023, there are still many unanswered concerns regarding Apple’s next smartphone. A USB-C port will the iPhone 15 have? Will Apple raise the price of the iPhone in 2023? Any mention of what the “iPhone 15” will it receive? Nobody outside … Read more