Last March Apple celebrated International Women’s Day with a special activity challenge for watchOS users. The Big Apple accustoms us to celebrating unique and noteworthy dates with unique events that allow increase the motivation of users to get medals and stickers customized for the challenge in question. On this occasion, Apple has organized two activity challenges in April. It is nothing more and nothing less than Earth Day and International Dance Day on April 22 and 29, respectively.

New Apple Watch activity challenges for this month of April

If you have an Apple Watch You will receive notifications in the coming weeks of the new special activity events created by Apple for the month of April. Is about two activity challenges framed in two key dates for Apple. First of all, the International Dance Day, which will take place on April 29 and the earth day, on April 22.

As you know, to complete these activity challenges it is necessary meet a number of goals within each day, aligned with the day itself:

  • International Dance Day: complete a dance workout of at least 20 minutes to reap the benefits of this activity challenge.
  • Earth day: complete a workout of 30 minutes or more to complete the reward.
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remember that workouts can be recorded with the official Apple app or with any other app that modifies and adds workouts to the Health app. Once the requirements of each day are finished and completed, Apple will send us the prizes related to each challenge that are usually custom medals for the day in question along with custom stickers for FaceTime and iMessages.