Charging an Apple Watch with your iPhone is possible, and very simple

To do this, you have to perform a very simple action, which we will have by default on the iPhone 15, although we can do it with any other model, following the steps that we will see below.

Charge Apple Watch with iPhone

The process is as simple as we will not need anything more than the Apple Watch charger itself, logically. The only thing we have to do is connect your USB-C cable to our iPhoneand put the watch in its usual charging area, the magnet.

The Apple Watch will begin to charge as if it were connected to the power, only using the battery of our iPhone 15, which, if we talk about the Max model, is 4,852 mAh, and that of the watch, about 300 mAh (depending on the model), so we could recharge it entirely, losing less than 10% of autonomy on our iPhone.

However, And what happens if I don't have an iPhone 15? In this case it is clear that we will not be able to connect the Apple Watch cable, since its connector is USB-C and our phone will have Lightning. Well, it's very simple, we will only need an adapter, which is practically a free gift and which will be useful for many other things, including charging the iPhone with a charger from another brand.

We leave you an example below, although any will do, most of them are the same and their prices are around the same values. What's more, you probably even have some around your house.

If we buy it on websites like AliExpress it will be cheaper, although for this price, I would prefer Amazon, to be honest.

And ready, Now you can use your Apple Watch charger on iPhonewhatever model you have, and with a simple gesture such as plugging in its cable, you will begin to recharge its battery, yes, using your phone's battery, although as we saw, the expense is ridiculous, so you can do it several times with the same load.

It is a good solution in case we are traveling, on a train, in an airport, or simply on the beach, and we do not have a plug at hand. It will also work for AirPods or other iPhones, not just the Apple Watch, so keep that in mind.

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And you, did you know this method? Did you know that absolutely nothing was necessary other than connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone for it to send battery power to the other? It may not be the most practical way, but I am sure that at some point you will remember and it will save you from an emergency.

So nothing, I'm sure you're going to try it already, so I'll leave you. If you do, leave us a comment with your impressions and any suggestions about the method, so we can all read them.