Artificial intelligence seems to have taken off from its lethargy. It all started in November last year when the OpenAI company released ChatGPT, a specialized dialogue chatbot perfected through supervised and reinforcement learning that got the concept of artificial intelligence off the ground. This chat is designed to generate answers and maintain conversations, understanding, resolving doubts, generating coherent text adapting to different tasks and situations. Finally, after a long wait, OpenAI has published the official ChatGPT app on the App Store.

No more fake apps… we already have the official ChatGPT app

Until now users who wanted to use ChatGPT had to use it through the official OpenAI website without having its own specific application. However, dozens of apps have flooded the App Store in recent weeks promising to use ChatGPT within the application that was nothing more than a simulation or a browser that led to the official website.

Undoubtedly this changes from this moment since OpenAI has released an official app on the App Store for iOS. Before Android, the new ChatGPT app allows free access to this artificial intelligence that millions of users use daily. The app, as announced through a press release, allows you to synchronize all the history of conversations that we have had on any device, as well as integrates Whisper, the OpenAI speech recognition system to interact with ChatGPT through voice transcripts.

Make use of ChatGPT for instant responses, creative inspiration, professional input and learning opportunities.

OpenAI ensures that the arrival of the app on iOS it’s just the beginning and that it will soon be available on Android. In addition, those users who have a subscription to ChatGPT Plus will be able to use ChatGPT 4.0 with all the advantages that this entails. The only not so good news is that It is currently only available in the United States. but from the company they have confirmed the expansion to other countries in the coming weeks.

The app is no longer available on the App Store