Cheaper at MediaMarkt! The ninth-generation iPad is on sale

The ninth-generation iPad, released in 2021, is currently Apple’s entry device in the iPad family. However, with the price increase that it has suffered, perhaps it was more worthwhile to go for other options. But MediaMarkt has made this iPad, at the sale price, be a good option to consider.

The entry iPad, at an entry price

The 9th generation iPad is a device designed to consume content and perform tasks that are not too demanding, as we could carry out in higher models. However, it is a very good option to be “the iPad of the house”. That device that the whole family ends up using, and that becomes a wild card for consuming content, sending emails, reading news or playing games.

Also, power-wise, it’s a device that’s still capable in many ways. For a start, It has the latest version of the operating system, iPadOS 16. And thanks to its compatibility with accessories, it can be used with the 1st generation Apple Pencil, with wireless keyboards and with Bluetooth headphones, so you can watch your favorite series at night without having to disturb anyone.

This iPad, by itself, is a good device. Although it is not in the same range as the higher models, for a more basic use, it is interesting. Of course, the price increase by Apple, on the official website does not accompany it, so that this is a really interesting option when buying. However, MediaMarkt has hit the table, lowering the 64GB and 256GB models, 70 and 80 euros respectively. With this price reduction, we are talking about much more suitable ranges, for a device which will be a wild card for day to day, without falling into too demanding or heavy tasks.

This is the price of the iPad 9 on offer at MediaMarkt

For the 64GB model, the 9th generation iPad it stays at 359 euros. The official price in the Apple Store is marked at 429 euros. It is, therefore, 70 euros less that we will be paying to take exactly the same product, to which we are going to give the same uses.

If we look at the 256GB model, the iPad stays at 549 euros. The official price in the Apple Store is marked at 629. In this case, the discount is 80 euros, and if we are looking for an iPad to perform tasks that are very demanding, but we do not want to give up having storage space in local memory, this price makes it a more attractive team, keeping the same features and approach.

ipad 9 design

Out of sale, these two iPads are still cheaper at MediaMarkt than at the Apple Store. Thus, the 64GB model is priced at 379 euros, while the model with 256GB capacity is 569 euros. A very considerable discount, out of sale, if we take into account that at Apple we will be paying 429 euros for the 64GB model and 629 euros for the 256GB model.