Cider Is The New And Better Replacement For Apple’s iTunes On Windows

Over the years, Apple’s iTunes for Windows has been the subject of several memes and jokes. Despite its flaws, the out-of-date music and media player is still the sole method to accomplish some functions on a computer. It is a third-party streaming software for Apple Music, is now available for Windows customers who want to get away from iTunes. Cider is an open-source streaming client for Windows, macOS, and Linux that works with Apple’s service.

Cider Does Not Support Apple’s Lossless Audio

Cider is a new open-source Apple Music software based on the official API from Apple. While the app is currently in Alpha, or the very early phases of development, early indications suggest that it will be a terrific, elegant, and speedy experience.

At the very least, Cider on Windows will save customers from the dreadful experience of attempting to listen to Apple Music via iTunes. They provide greater functionality and integration than Apple Music’s website.

Cider started as Apple Music Electron and has since grown into what it is now. Electron apps are regularly chastised, but not as much as iTunes on Windows.

Apple’s upcoming Apple Music app for Windows and Mac might be the solution to Apple’s dreadful iTunes experience on Windows.

On macOS, the software is also accessible. Windows users may get the program for less than $1 from the Microsoft Store, but it also comes with a free 24-hour trial.

Early reviews on the Microsoft shop are overwhelmingly positive. Although it doesn’t support Apple’s lossless audio (due to API constraints), one user said that the quality was superior to both iTunes and the Apple Music online player. Cider is currently in alpha, so anyone trying it out should expect some glitches and difficulties. Cider even has a web remote option that allows you to control your music from another device, eliminating the need to Alt+Tab while playing a game or when you’re not near your device. It also supports spatial audio and features Discord and connectivity. To use the app, users must have an Apple Music membership. While Cider’s UI and performance look promising, it is not without flaws.