CleanMyPhone, the new app to free up space on your iPhone

From the same developer as CleanMyMac we now have CleanMyPhone available, an app that will remove all the digital content you don't need to free up space on your iPhone and iPad.

You just have to access the settings of your iPhone or iPad and look at the space you have occupied to see what type of content takes up the most storage: photos and videos. WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, screenshots, repeated photos, videos that you no longer need for anything, screenshots… little by littleThe free space on your phone decreases until it reaches the point where you cannot update it to the new version that has been released, or that you cannot download an application that you need. That's why CleanMyPhone has been launched, an app compatible with the iPhone and iPad that will help you free up space by eliminating everything you don't need.


The application has three distinct functions. The first is “Put order”with which the app analyzes your camera roll for duplicates, blurry images, screen recordings, TikTok videos and other unnecessary content that you can delete so they don't take up space.


With the “Organize” function Analyze your photo collection in detail and organize your images into folders by themes or people, such as travel, pets, food, portraits, and text. This intelligent organization allows you to easily find images and also the best versions between similar photos.


CleanMy®Phone offers the possibility of testing the network speed. Users can start a speed test directly from the app, in addition to the numerical result it tells you what tasks you can perform with that speed on your iPhone.

CleanMy®Phone: Cleaner (AppStore Link) CleanMy®Phone: Cleaner (AppStore Link)

The application is free but It has a price of €29.99 per year as a subscription. You have a 3-day trial to see if you like it before having to pay for it, so you have no excuse not to try it.