Colored MagSafe? Apple thought about it, but discarded it

Apple moves in a pretty basic color environment, well this is something that has gotten better over time but I still remember when the rose gold it was introduced on the iPhone as the quintessential customization and variety.

Apple thought of launching the range of MagSafe chargers with different shades and colors, however, the idea did not come to fruition definitively. At the moment all MagSafe connectors remain silver, and it seems that this is going to remain the case for a long period of time… Or not.

As shared by the Twitter user Kosutami, he has been able to access different unlaunched prototypes of both the Magic Charger and the Magsafe, offered in pink or gold colors, an idea that was definitely discarded by the Cupertino company.

This wasn’t just limited to the MagSafe charger, as we’ve noted before, but we have other adapters like the one used in MacBook devices, and a wireless charging stand, which would also be given a gold or pink color. These tests were, as we say, completely discarded by the Cupertino company that has not yet seen a strong “pull” in this market.

However, we must not forget that Apple accessories are expensive, very expensive in fact if we compare them with those offered by the competition, whether they are private brands or recognized brands such as Logitech or Belkin. The truth is, it doesn’t make much sense to make the accessories colored either, although it would maintain stability or a design line, the reality is that Apple constantly changes the color of its devices, can you imagine charging a black iPhone with a gold cable? Yes, that is exactly what you were thinking and what we have also thought from Actualidad iPhone, so in the end, it is a success that they have not released it.