Communities, Video chat of up to 32 people, surveys and more in the new WhatsApp

It seems that WhatsApp wants to reach more users based on updates. For quite some time, we’ve seen the green instant messaging app lag behind in terms of features, while its rivals added new perks. Now the feeling is reversed. Right now we have a new update that tells us that WhatsApp wants to be like the rest and wants users not to want others. We are talking about how the application has implemented new functions, among them, the communities, the increase in users in video chat, the surveys and has expanded the number of participants in groups.

For some time now, we have been seeing how WhatsApp is adding new interesting features to the application and users who use it regularly, which are many, based on updates. An application that seemed like it was going to fall short in terms of functions, mainly due to the slowness of its updates, but now we see how It has taken a run and everyone seems to want to use it.

We have, according to the new update, a series of improvements that are well worth a slight review. On the one hand, we have the calls communities. When several groups have the same interests or have something in common, they can jointly establish in those communities and thus be able to receive notifications in unison. Something that can be a bit overwhelming at first, but that is very useful in the long run.

Within the new functions, we also have the possibility of carrying out surveys in the groups and that users can choose between predefined answers. An advantage and something that was greatly missed by many of us and regular users of Telegram and WhatsApp.

Another novelty to highlight is the expansion of the number of people who can be part of a group video chat. With the new version, we can be present up to 32 people. Something that will go very well, since the capacity of group chats has been expanded to a total of 1024. Remember that half, before, was the maximum