Comparison iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro

One of the points that will most mark the user experience with one device and another is the screen. From the outset you have to know that both have the same panel, that is, a screen 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED. However, the iPhone 14 Pro has three differentiating aspects. The first of these is the refresh rate, since that of the iPhone 14 Pro is a screen ProMotion which has a rate of adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz. This causes the sensation when using it to be much more fluid and dynamic, giving the impression that the iPhone 12 Pro works slower than the 14 Pro, something that is not the case, but due to the ProMotion screen , it may seem.

The second difference is found when the iPhone turns off, and that is that the iPhone 14 Pro have acquired a function of the Apple Watch, which is the always on display. In this way, as long as this function is activated, the screen of the 14 Pro will not turn off, but its colors will be dimmed to spend as little battery as possible, but making it easier for users to see the information present on it. This is obviously not available on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Finally, and this is also a great novelty in the iPhone 14, it is the disappearance of the notch to give entrance to the Dynamic Island. This island that is located in the upper part of the screen of the iPhone 14, houses the front camera and the different sensors necessary for the operation of Face ID, so far everything is the same as the notch that the 12 Pro has. However, Apple has achieved with this Dynamic Island that is fully functional, so now information is displayed on it, making it fully functional and being able to adapt perfectly to each of the applications.


One of the reasons why Apple calls two of its iPhone models Pro is because of the cameras they have and what they are capable of offering users in terms of photography and video. We are going to talk carefully about these two points, but first we want to tell you what differences there are in the cameras of both iPhones. Both have a triple camera module, made up of three lenses, wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lenses

The main lens, which is the wide angle, is where there are more differences between both models, and that is that in the 14 Pro has up to 48 Mpx, which will allow users to take pictures with much more information, yes, for this they will have to activate the ProRAW mode through the camera settings of the device itself. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro also has Photonic Engine, a technology that these models release and that allows Apple to obtain better photographic results in terms of light and sharpness. This is vital since, as you will see below, the aperture of the 14 Pro’s lenses is “worse” than that of the 12 Pro in all but the ultra wide angle.

  • iPhone 14 Pro
    • Wide angle lens: f/1.78.
    • Ultra wide angle lens: f/2.2
    • Telephoto lens: f/2.8
  • iPhone 12 Pro
    • Wide angle lens: f/1.6
    • Ultra wide angle lens: f/2.4
    • Telephoto lens: f/2

Another difference between the two models is found in the frontal camera. After many generations in which Apple has practically not modified the selfie camera of the iPhone, with the arrival of the iPhone 14 it has been improved, obtaining the best front camera on the market, since it has a f/1.9 aperturewhich allows users to have brighter photos and videos with more detail and definition.


Once you know the differences of the cameras at the performance level, let’s go with what they can do at the photographic level. Again, as we mentioned before, the possibility of taking 48 Mpx ProRAW photos the balance tips towards the iPhone 14 Pro. This way of shooting offers the user two main advantages, the first is the possibility of having much more information at the moment when you start editing said photograph, and the second is the great viability when cropping the image without losing sharpness and detail, being able to “zoom” within it without problems.

Triple camera iPhone 12 Pro Max

Also, aside from this, the iPhone 14 features the popular photographic styles, which allow the user to establish a kind of “filter” when taking the picture. This style must be chosen before taking the photo and, from that moment, all will be taken with said preset until the user changes it again. You also have to keep in mind the macro photographywhich is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and not on the iPhone 12 Pro.


It cannot be denied that the iPhone is one of the smartphones that takes the best pictures, however, in the video it is the best without any discussion. Thanks to the wide variety of lenses it has and the quality of them, the iPhone 14 Pro and 12 Pro offer tremendous versatility when it comes to recording video. In addition, they have two key characteristics that clearly place it above the rest of its competitors, stabilization and sound that they are capable of capturing.

iPhone 14 Pro

As for stabilization, the iPhone 14 Pro has a recording mode that, of course, delights all its users. Its about action mode, which further improves the image stabilization, making it really look like magic and having nothing to envy to the results that can be obtained with a professional camera and a gymbal. But beware, because it is not the only difference between them, since the iPhone 14 Pro also has the possibility of record video in cinema mode, which we can define as portrait mode but applied to video. To these two striking recording modes, we must also add the possibility of record video in ProRes format up to 4K at 30 f/S and macro video recording.

their lookalikes

We have already talked about the main differential points between these two iPhones, but obviously it is not the only thing that you have to take into account when buying one of these two devices, since their similarities will also be important when it comes to having a good user experience when using them. Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about next.

design and size

It is obvious that one of the main similarities between the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro is the design and size. They both have the latest Apple design, i.e. a all-screen device with square sides, which give it a truly premium aesthetic. They are made of surgical quality stainless steel, and although their shock resistance is still as delicate as previous models, it is true that thanks to this material, the scratches that may occur as a result of daily use are much more difficult to appreciate. being a much more resistant material to this type of imperfections.

iPhone 14 ProMax

In terms of size, there is no variation, since both have a 6.1-inch screen and their dimensions are practically the same, varying by small millimeters, which means that the sensation when holding them in the hand is exactly the same. Where there are some differences is in the colors in which you can buy both teams. We leave them below.

  • iPhone 14 Pro
    • Dark purple
    • Prayed
    • Silver
    • space black
  • iPhone 12 Pro
    • pacific blue
    • Prayed
    • Graphite
    • Silver


We come to a point that is really important for all users, and that is the battery issue. Obviously, we all like to have as much autonomy as possible and while it is true that the Pro models do not have a bad battery life, this is less than that of their older brothers, the Pro Max models.

iPhone 14 Pro

That said, although on the Apple page there is a difference in terms of autonomy, the reality is that in practice both devices behave really well, which means that there are no clear differences in the hours of use that can be made with one and the other. With both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro you will be able to get to the end of the day without problems, however, perhaps if you make very intense use of the equipment, you will have to go through the charger before going to sleep, but only in cases very punctual.


Even though there is a two-year difference between these two models, power is certainly not and never has been an issue for an Apple device. The iPhone 12 Pro has the chip A14 Bionicwhile the iPhone 14 Pro has the A16 Bionic. Obviously, the A16 is more powerful and efficient than the A14, but when it comes to using the device, the fluency and speed of the system is practically the same.

iPhone 12 Pro black

Therefore, if you were waiting for the power section to make a decision about whether to buy one device or another, we’re sorry to tell you that both behave wonderfully here, being able to carry out practically any task that you set out to do with both iPhone models. .


One of the most determining points when purchasing one device or another, and even to change between them, is the price that must be paid to be able to acquire them. Well, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that The iPhone 12 Pro is no longer officially sold at Appleso to get it you will have to go to a store that still has stock.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Secondly, the iPhone 14 Pro starts at 1,319 euros, a really high price considering that it has risen due to the devaluation of the euro against the dollar and inflation. That said, it will have to be each user who determines if it is really worth it to make the leap from the iPhone 12 Pro to the 14 Pro or, failing that, acquire one and the other, all depending on their needs.

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out a comparison of this type, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to tell you what our point of view is in order to make the best possible choice. In this case we are dealing with two devices of a very high level, but obviously, the fact that two years have passed makes the differences at the level of cameras and on the screen important to take into account.

Thus, if you are a person who does not have any of the models and you want to buy one, unless you find a great offer for the iPhone 12 Pro, the best choice will be the 14 Pro, since it has very important features, especially as we have said, at the screen and camera level. However, if you currently have the iPhone 12 Proand really the section of the cameras is not really important for you, the change is not worth it, in the same way, if otherwise, for you the photographic and video section is important, obviously it is worth the pain, since you will also get a much better screen.