Congress rigs a public contract for the iPhone 13 Pro to win

Recently the controversy has turned to the Congress of Deputies in Spain, the Lower House of the General Courts, the political representation of the Spanish people. The media have echoed the public contest for which the replacement of the mobile devices of their lordships, the “old” iPhone 8, is proposed.

Analyzing the public contract carefully, it is observed that the specifications are rigged so that only the iPhone 13 Pro can win. In this way, Your Honors will be able to make the most of the Cinema Mode of its famous triple camera to share the films that are edited on Social Networks.

In a context of uncontrolled inflation, the price of fuel through the roof, and electricity almost like a luxury good, the Congress of Deputies considers that it is a good time to change your iPhone 8 for an iPhone 13 Pro, because we understand that the sad 55,803.86 euros gross that make up the lowest salary, according to statistical terms and in global computation of income, they are not enough for them to buy their own phones.

The serious thing about the matter is that, as the comrade Javier Lacort, and after investigations by Voz Populi, the specifications for the acquisition of 550 terminals worth 1.2 million euros (€2,180 per device, so you don’t have to make the account), it contains only and exclusively the features of the iPhone 13 Pro.

In the specifications that can be consulted on the state contracting website, we find requirements as curious as compatibility with the HEIF format, proprietary to Apple and incompatible on other platforms, as well as a Super»r» Retina XDR panel, which is nothing more than a trade name for an OLED panel.

The possibility of making FaceTime calls, the iOS operating system or the A15 Bionic processor are other requirements that show the impudence of the political class in Spain.