Connect your iPhone to the Internet without using Wi-Fi or mobile data

The iPhone is a very versatile device in many ways. Even in connectivity, despite the fact that they still do not have USB-C, they are phones that work very well in both wireless and wired connections. And precisely, you may not have known that you can connect your iPhone via Ethernet. Yeah, cable internet on your iPhone is possible.

You can connect your iPhone by Ethernet via Lightning

If the iPhone had a USB Type C port, there are many accessories and adapters to connect the mobile via Ethernet. It would be the simplest and most standardized solution, since almost all Apple products have USB-C. However, despite the Lightning port, there are adapters to RJ45 connection. There are very few alternatives, but at least there are two.

Although other adapters have become popular to connect to the Lightning port of the iPhone, such as USB readers, SD cards or HDMI connection, we let you know the two most reliable alternatives that exist to connect your iPhone or iPad (if it has a Lightning connector) via cable internet. And not having to rely on Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Of course, as a recommendation, in order to have the best possible connection quality, connect the adapter to a network cable that is directly plugged into your router Wi-Fi, in order to avoid connection cuts and make sure you have a direct network. In addition, it is recommended, whenever you connect devices via Ethernet, that the cable is of quality and can support more bandwidth.

The cheapest solution comes from Amazon

The first adapter that we present to you is also the most economical. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad that have iOS 10 installed. The connection supports speeds up to 100 Mbps And yes, even if you have the Lightning port occupied, you can also charge your device, since it has two inputs. One of them is the RJ45 connection on the front, while on the side, it has a Lightning connection with which to charge our iPhone.

For the adapter to work, we must connect it to the iPhone’s Lightning port and disable Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. In the settings, we the “Ethernet” option should appear. If so, it means that the device is working properly. You can buy it right at the link that we leave you below.

The most expensive solution comes from Belkin

Belkin is already a classic manufacturing Lightning connector accessories. Do you remember the adapter to listen to music with a cable and charge your iPhone at the same time? well they also have your own adapter Lightning to RJ45 connection.

It is an adapter with a much higher price than the previous one. However, his speed connection is up to 480 Mbps and its focus is more corporate, while the previous case was more focused on day to day. In addition to offering the possibility of charging the iPhone or iPad while we have it connected by Ethernet, since it has two inputs, this adapter is updated.

And how can an adapter be updated? Well, Belkin has an application called Belkin Connect, which is designed to update adapter firmware, so that it works in a stable way with the passage of time and updates. You can buy the adapter from this same link.