Continued connection issues between Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote

Apple recently released an update that was limited to Apple TV and HomePod, something strange if we take into account that these are operating systems that depend on iOS, as this is the main base of its firmware. However, apart from this small curiosity, the update has not come without controversy on this occasion.

Thousands of users report connection issues between Apple TV 4K and the Siri Remote after updating to tvOS. In this way, complaints are going viral both on social networks and in specialized Apple forums. Meanwhile, the Cupertino company is silent about it.

The release of tvOS 16.3.1 is generating popular discontent among the owners of the multimedia center of the Cupertino company, and it is that many users (including myself), are experiencing numerous connectivity problems between the Siri Remote and Apple TV 4K, to the point of completely clouding the experience to enjoy our multimedia content, whatever the platform.

These complaints can be seen in Reddit and even the official Apple support website. The issue results in numerous disconnections from the Siri Remote, swithout any kind of apparent explanation, and that is driving many owners crazy.

These disconnections happen intermittently, and it is the Siri Remote itself that proceeds to re-connect without any action necessary, however, it is common for the message to appear on the TV about this lost connection.

At the moment Apple has not spoken, nor does it seem to want to. We imagine that the solution will be a small service update, either from Apple TV itself or from the Siri Remote, since we do not know precisely where the problem comes from, something unacceptable for a product of these characteristics.