Could the infinite battery (50 years) reach the iPhone?

And that problem could be close to an end, since a Chinese company (where else?), would have created a battery that could last about 50 yearsthat is, infinite, since no matter how long a cell phone lasts, after a few years we have already changed it.

Infinite battery on iPhone?

The company that has achieved this is called Beijing Betavolt New Energy Technology, and not only I would have gotten an infinite batterybut also its size is the same as that of a simple coin, so in addition to autonomy, it would allow us to provide lighter equipment with more space inside for improvements.

Of course, there is a problem, and it is its composition, which as you can imagine, is nuclear, and the security agencies do not like that. However, the company says that there is no risk, and now will be the time when this prototype will have to go through some security phases, which will be slow.

But there is hope, and if everything went well, we could have an iPhone with infinite battery. Furthermore, we don't need something so “big”, but being 10 years old, a fifth of the size of a coin, would be enough, at least for smartphones.

After the pilot phase, will enter the production phase of the sameand the most likely thing is that if it is approved and implemented, it would be Asian phones where we would see it, but it is something that Apple would have to acquire very quickly, since a Xiaomi, or even Samsung with a lifetime battery would be the toughest rival that Tim Cook's could have.

For now we have to waitsee what happens with this product and wait for more news, although we are left with the good news, and that is that, at least, they have achieved it, it is not something theoretical that never comes true, it is already real and exists, it just has some risks and security measures to go through first.

The only drawback, at least today, is that they are much more expensive than lithium ones, however, I think that no one would mind paying a little more, especially for 1,000 euro phones, if they have an infinite battery, thus saving some electricity and changing it every 2 years or so.

And you, what do you expect from this news? Will the dream of many of not having to carry chargers everywhere come true? Or will it finally not pass security measures and its sale to the public will be prohibited? This can be a great advance, not only for cell phones, but for electric cars and other equipment that runs on energy. We will be attentive to any news and we will bring it to you, we hope they are good.