Courant MAG:2 Has An Impressive Design For AirPods And iPhone Charging

Courant has recently come up with a premium Apple charging portal. Courant MAG:2 introduced MagSafe chargers that are compatible with Apple products. This charger is minimalist in design. It also offers a metal or leather along with cloth sculptural arrangement. Any user looking for something unconventional and stylish must opt for the Courant MAG:2 charger. 

Details On Courant MAG:2 Charger For Customers 

Eager customers must be informed that both the Essentials and Classics variants of MAG:2 are available for pre-order. The Essentials variant provides an ABS frame with soft-touch as well as Belgian linen. On the other hand, the Classics variant includes a matter alloy frame with weighted zinc and Italian leather. 

Courant MAG:2 is compatible with iPhone for wireless charging with 7.5W output. Additionally, it is also compatible with non-magnetic wireless charging of AirPods and other devices with 5W output on the bottom. 

Add-ons And Extra Luxury Features 

Courant MAG:2 includes Italian leather of premium pebble-grain and Belgian linen in the Classics and Essentials variant, respectively, in order to up their level of luxury. Mag:2 Essentials is available in 3 different colors including natural, camel, and charcoal. Whereas Classics has 5 colors to choose from namely, bone, cortado, saddle, ash, and black. 

MAG:2 also offers its users with a USB-C cable that is nylon braided and will come color coordinated. In addition, it will also offer a power adapter. 

First-time purchases will offer a 15% discount on a price ranging between $100 and $150. 

The stunning aesthetic and modern design set it apart from anything available in the market at the moment. The creative team of Courant has done their job to perfection for this dual-device magnetic charger. The color-coordinated cables, premium materials, and color choices will undoubtedly attract users like a moth to the flame. Hope we gave you enough details to decide on it.