Create guides in Apple Maps and always have options for restaurants and cafes in your city

Since I moved to Helsinki I have started using Apple Maps guides to always have on hand a list of restaurants and cafes that I have discovered or those that I want to try at some point. Additionally, now when I travel to other cities I also create new lists and add places visited in case I want to return or recommend to a friend or family member.

Apple Maps Guides

These digital guides are an excellent tool for travelers, but they can also help you keep track of your favorite places in the city where you currently live. In them, it is possible to store restaurants, cafes, places of interest, shops, parks, etc. Below we are going to show you how you can create, customize and share them with other people.

How to create and share your own Apple Maps guide?

Apple Maps gives you the opportunity to customize your own guides. This feature is ideal for planning trips or even offering recommendations to friends and family visiting your city.

To create your guide, launch the Maps app and swipe up the search field to access “My Guides.” Here you will find the option to create a new guide. Simply give your guide a title and start adding locations that you consider must-see. Once you have finished your guide, sharing it is as simple as tapping the share icon and choosing the method you prefer, such as AirDrop, Messages or Mail, you can also share it through other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.

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Apple Maps Guides are shaping up to be an essential tool for modern travelers, offering a mix of expert-curated advice and the ability to personalize your own travel experiences. Whether you're exploring a metropolis or rediscovering your hometown, these digital guides promise to enrich your adventure.

Tips for creating the best guides in Apple Maps

Creating a custom guide in Apple Maps can improve the way you explore cities, whether they're new destinations or your own city. These guides not only serve as a reminder of your favorite places, but can also serve as a list of personal recommendations for friends and family. When you don't know where to go, open your Apple Maps guide and you can view a list of favorite or recommended places, you can also view your location in real time and the location of these places to see what is closest to you.

Here are some tips for creating useful and engaging guides:

  • Venue selection: Think about what makes each place you want to include in your guide unique. Consider a mix of popular sites and more specific places that don't typically appear in traditional guidebooks. This can include everything from restaurants, parks with stunning views, to art galleries or trendy cafes.
  • Organization of the guide: You can create a guide for each city or you can also create a guide for each theme. This means that you can have a guide to bookstores, cafes, restaurants, parks, historical monuments. Each guide separately to access the locations and information of these places according to the theme. A clear structure that makes sense to you will make navigation easier and help you plan and organize better.
  • Update frequently: Cities change and some places close or are renovated. Review and update your guide periodically to ensure it remains up to date.