Culprits and solutions to the overheating of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro

It seems that Apple has taken action on the matter regarding the overheating problems that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are experiencing, heating that, if not resolved as soon as possible, can shorten the useful life of the device and we are not referring to not only the battery, but the rest of its components. Apple has said how it is going to solve this problem, but emphasizes that it is not the only culprit.

Meta is partly to blame for all this.

More and more media are highlighting that the company chaired by Mark Zuckerberg is partially responsible of heating and the iPhone 15 Pro due and that they are literally a «resource consuming machine». It is true that Instagram has released an update to solve this resource management problem, but it seems that it is not enough and that we have to make small adjustments to our iPhone 15.

Apple cannot blame Meta and “take the blame” for the device’s heating, because it looks like Apple’s processor, the new one. A17 Pro is also partially to blame for the problem. In this sense, many users have reported that when they are using the device to charge it, playing intensive games or using the Instagram application itself, they cause crash processes. very severe warm-ups which can even cause your hand to burn.

Apple and Meta solutions

Apple, for its part, has said that it is going to launch a update to reverse the heating problem of the iPhone 15 Pro, although we do not know very well how this reduction will occur via software if it is confirmed that it is a design problem. If so, the only solution would be the device capable, i.e. reduce performance. One of the great attractions of this generation, which is its new processor, you will be able to have it before a month has passed after its launch.

Regarding Meta, the company has recognized that Instagram may not manage resources well, generating excessive device battery consumption. Personally, when I wrote the article about a week with my iPhone 15, I noticed that I did spend some time consuming content on said social network, the battery was worryingly low. The truth is that it seemed very strange to me, especially because we are dealing with a phone whose battery should have an average life of approximately a day and a half, but it lasts just a day and a half.

Continuing with the thread in question, we also have a third wayspecific, disable background Instagram updatessince in this way we can reduce the resources that these applications need.

Let’s hope that these solutions will solve the problems that the iPhone 15 has, a generation that, although it has not had software problems like the last generation had, hardware problems are becoming more and more common. Perhaps, we are reaching a point of no return where space-based devices cannot accommodate so much technology and these types of problems are beginning to become more common.

After all, processor problems are due to the fact that they do not have space to dissipate the heat they generate and, therefore, they get hotter. The Instagram application, a more complex application, increasingly requires more resources.