Customize Siri on your iPhone to make it unique

Many users may not know this, but Siri was not an Apple inventionbut it was the development of the North American company Next U. Subsequently, Steve Jobs c.He bought this conversational medium and adapted it to the world of technology and people. More than twenty years later, we enjoy Siri in a row and in this post we are going to see howHow can we customize our virtual assistant from the iPhone.

Change the voice of Siri from the iPhone

Siri has been the icone of the Californian company for many years, such was its success that the competition has tried to develop its own virtual assistant like Alexa at Amazon or Cortana at Microsoft. One of the great advantages that Siri has is its artificial intelligence, which is mainly used to make life easier for people, from writing WhatsApp, making a call or even indicating the possible precipitation of the day or the daily agenda. Next, we will see how customize Siri’s voice from the iPhone.

How to customize the way you activate Siri

Currently, there are two ways to respond to Siri. On the one hand, we have the virtual form, in which the famous “Hey Siri” and, on the other hand, we have the option of continuously pressing the side button to activate Siri. To activate “hey Siri” in this way if you do not already have it activated, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. We open the Ajetes app on our iPhone
  2. We enter Siri and Search
  3. We activate when we hear “Hey Siri” or press the side button of our iPhone to call Siri.

Transform Siri’s voice on iPhone

We can also transform and personalize Siri’s voice by performingor very interesting small changes. One of the most striking is the possibility of choosing the gender What do you want me to answer? By default, a female voice comes, but you can whatever you deem appropriate. The process consists of three steps:

  1. We go to Settings and click on the Siri and Search option.
  2. We touch “Voice of Siri” and then select a different voice or variety.
  3. We choose the gender that you want Siri to want to respond to you. By default a female voice appears, but you can put whatever you deem appropriate.

Customize the feedback you get with Siri

Along with customizing Siri, you can also customize feedback that you can have with the virtual assistant. Remember that Siri is defaulted to answer “always” aloud, whenever silent mode is disabled. If we want to change its response formula we have to perform the following following settings:

  1. We open the Settings app on our iPhone
  2. We select the option in Siri and Search
  3. Siri’s response. You can choose what type of response we want.
    1. First, we have “always”, that is, always answer aloud.
    2. Second, if the iPad is muted, Siri will remain silent, so responses will be given in writing and not aloud.
    3. Finally, there is the “hey Siri” option, which will only speak when we mention these magic words and we only have to make a sustained press on the side button when we invoke Apple’s virtual assistant.

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