We are passionate about new technologies, but it is true that we have to be more careful with them every time. And it is that new technologies have opened a new window to anyone who wants to steal our data… From making us believe that our bank wants to communicate with us urgently, to a message in which our son urgently needs help because he has lost his mobile phone, and this is precisely what has come to us today on one of our phones. Keep reading that we give you all the details of the new scam that is circulating by telephone networks.

SMS timo dad my phone is broken

As you have been able to read in the previous images, everything is quite simple (and quite incorrect spelling): Hello Dad, my phone is broken. I have a new number. Can you send me a whatsapp message through whatsapp? I can’t call. Temporary number: *********. Would you fall into the trap? probably not. And it is that in this case we are facing a scam attempt, or rather shabby impersonation, all full of misspellings that make us suspect that something is not entirely correctnot to say that the same, as is my case, you do not have children and you receive a similar SMS.

What happens next? Well, if you write a message for WhatsApp as they ask you, They will try to earn your trust. for obviously later ask you for money by many means: Paypal, transfer, and even Bizum. Be careful also because they will even send you web links supplanting other platforms to thus get hold of your card details or bank accounts. No, it’s not your son asking for help, it’s all a SCAM and in the end it is we who, echoing these practices, are the ones who can warn that they are taking place and that we have to be careful. Have you fallen? report it, and if they have managed to rob you, claim your banks. and to you, Have you received any similar SMS?