Data from the new Beats Studio Pro appears in iOS 16.5

There are leaks that, as much as Apple wants to hide them, are inevitable. And if you plan to launch a new model of Beats headphones that can be controlled from the iPhone, by the nose you should have your control software programmed in iOS. And that cannot be hidden.

So a clever programmer has discovered in the code of the latest beta of iOS 16.5 the routines that control the new Beats Studio Pro. “Hunted” in full rule. Let’s see what we have been able to discover about these headphones.

It seems that this week, Apple will present a new bluetooth headset. This is the Beats Studio Pro, an evolution of the current beats studio 3. Due to their characteristics, they could be on a similar quality scale to the current AirPods Max. We will see if it will be true when they go on the market.

But for now, what we can know are its main functions. Thanks to Steve Mosera developer who has discovered in the code of the latest beta of iOS 16.5 the software that controls said new model of Beats Headphones.

So we already know for sure thanks to this smart programmer that the new Beats Studio Pro will have the usual noise cancellation system, transparency mode, they will be able to share audio, they will work with “Hey Siri”, they will be compatible with the Spatial Audio system of Apple etc They also have a sensor that controls whether they are attached to your head or not, to stop playback the moment you remove them from your head.

If all this has already been discovered in the iOS 16.5 code, it means that Apple plans to launch these headphones soon. It will undoubtedly be great news, since if they are Beats, the quality is guaranteed. Another thing will be the price. We will see if its starting price will be lower than the current ones AirPods Max. Let’s hope so…