Details of iOS 17 are revealed and you will like them

Until now, all eyes, rumors and news pointed to the same place, the new iPhone, however, since Apple announced the WWDC for the month of June, specifically for the 5th, news about the new systems has not stopped coming out that the company will present in said Keynote. Well, in this post we are going to tell you some details that have already been confirmed about the new version that all compatible iPhones will carry.

The truth is that initially expectations about iOS 17 were really low, and it is that from many points it had been announced that due to the efforts that Apple is making in mixed reality glasses and the change that, in theory, it will have to make in iOS 17 to include the option of third-party app stores, The new functions and aesthetic changes that, in theory, were made with this version would be diminished. However, just a few weeks ago, light was shed on users, reporting that iOS 17 was going to bring several very positive and functional changes to users and that, finally, it was not going to be the decaffeinated version that was originally thought. .

What news will iOS 17 have?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that knowing information about the new Apple software is really complicated, it does not happen the same as with devices, since in the end there are many more people who have access to these seconds due to their manufacture, in the software is completely different, which is why it is so difficult to know about big leaks before the presentation.

However, there is always something that slips through, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post. The first thing that is known about iOS 17 is that it will significantly improve search options of the iPhone, not much more information has been given about it, but it seems that users who have the opportunity to use iOS 17 on their devices will be able to enjoy more advanced search options. Another of the elements that also seems to be vitaminized will be the dynamic islandsurely taking advantage of the fact that it will now reach all iPhone 15 models. According to rumors, this intermediate step between the notch and the full-screen iPhone will be able to offer many more options to users, in order to be more still useful.

iphonethe control center It is another of the points where it seems that Apple has set its sights, and that is that everything indicates that it will undergo a major redesign, making it more attractive and functional. Even many of the rumors indicate that it will be much more customizable. And if we talk about personalization, iOS 17 will also add a new accessibility setting that will allow users to have more control over the iPhone interface.

Finally, it has also been leaked that iOS 17 will bring more configuration options for notifications, always-on screen, focus filters or improvements in the Wallet app, Home and even in the Camera and the Health app. However, as we always say from La Manzana Mordida, this is nothing more than rumors, so we will have to be very attentive to the information that continues to come out and, above all, expect what the company presents at the next WWDC.