Detect water leaks with this Meross sensor

Detecting a water leak in time can mean the difference between a scare or a significant expense of money to repair damage at home, and this Meross water leak detector will alert you wherever you are.

Home automation is not only used to put decorative lights or to change environments while you are comfortably sitting on the sofa, it also helps you keep your home safe and avoid problems such as those that could cause an undetected water leak. The Meross Water Leak Sensor is a device that you can place anywhere you need and that will notify you, wherever you are, of any water leak that occurs in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, to be able to act quickly and solve a problem before it has important consequences that could mean a significant outlay of money. We have tested it and we show you its configuration and how it alerts you to any accident of this type.


  • Box contents:
    • water leak detector
    • Lead wire for configuration
    • Manual
    • Power adapter
    • USB-A to USB-C cable
    • smarthub
  • Sensor Power: Replaceable CR123A battery (18 months autonomy)
  • Alarm volume 60dB
  • Connectivity of the WiFi Hub 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Connectivity between detector and Hub 433MHz


The leak detector requires the Meross Smart Hub. This small device allows you to connect up to 16 Meross devices and is responsible for HomeKit compatibility. of all of them. This Hub must be connected to the current (adapter included) permanently, and it will connect to our WiFi router. The configuration process is very simple, and everything is done from the Meross application for iOS following the steps that appear on the screen, very illustrative and easy to follow. Once the Hub is configured we can proceed to add the leak detector, whose link process is quite peculiar.

Meross Water Leak Sensor

At the base of the detector we will find a metal cover that is what we must remove when we want to change the battery. But we also have three small metal connectors that are numbered from 1 to 3. These numbers are important in the configuration process, as is the short cable that we found inside the box, because we will have to use it to link connectors 1 and 3 (or 1 and 2). We place one end of the cable in connector 1, and with the other end we quickly touch connector 3 (or 2) three times so that the logo on the top of the detector starts blinking. At that time we can link it to the Hub and it will be connected to the Meross application and automatically to HomeKit, as you can see in the video.


There isn’t much to do with the leak detector, just let it do its job. It is important to place it in a strategic place, such as under the kitchen sink, next to the washing machine or in any other place in the house where there may be a danger of water leaks. Working with batteries is a great advantage, because we can place it wherever we want regardless of whether there is a plug nearby. If a leak is detected, an alarm will sound on the detector itselfbut do not worry if the area where you have placed it is far from where you usually are, because you will simultaneously receive a notification on your iPhone and Apple Watch to let you know, even if you are away from home.

Water Leak Sensor app

In the Meross application we can configure some device settings, such as what notifications we want to receive from the application itself, or see the detector’s battery status. We will also have the history of device detections, with the day and time they occurred. In the Home app we will not be able to adjust practically anything, only the room in which we have placed the detector and when to receive notifications, that we can mark them as “Important notifications” so that even when our iPhone is with notifications disabled (sleep mode, for example) this restriction is bypassed so that we receive the notice. . What we can do is create some automation that allows you not only to receive an audible alarm and a notification, but also to turn on a light that you have added at home, as in the example of the video in which I make the Led strip of the cocojna turn on. turn red if there is a water leak.

Editor’s Opinion

Simple but effective, the Meross water leak detector becomes an essential accessory for your peace of mind. Whether you are at home or going to be away for a long time, knowing any water leak immediately is important, and With this small accessory you can do it in just five minutes of configuration, wherever you are. You can buy it directly on their website with free shipping for $28.99 including the Hub (link) or for $24.99 without the Hub.

Water Leak Detector
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  • Water Leak Detector
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  • Last modification: February 4, 2023


  • battery operation
  • Notices wherever you are
  • 18 month autonomy
  • replaceable battery


  • It cannot be placed in a washing machine or dishwasher due to its size.