Did you know how many microphones your iPhone has and where they are located?

There are several references that can tell you where they are located, however, to clear up doubts, today we are going to see the number of them that have these phones, where they are located and what each one is for.

These are the microphones of your iPhone

And although it depends a little on the year and version of your iPhone, we are going to talk about some common characteristics, since all the latest releases, for years, have worked with the same model and structure.

This is based on 3 zones, where we will find the microphones corresponding to each of them. And to make it easier to understand, I am going to leave you an image where you can see it more clearly.

The first of them, the one we find in the reartogether with the cameras, will serve as a video microphone, aimed at recording and cinema mode, since it has to pick up the sound directed towards that side.

The second, in Upper areaAlong with the speaker and the FaceID and proximity sensors, we find one that, like the previous one, has a recording function, as well as a video call, capturing everything we do in selfie mode.

And finally, the lower ones, perfect for making regular calls. Of course, supported by others, who will improve its quality, avoiding distant noises and sounds, thus strengthening our voice, so that it is heard clearer.

Now that you know, let's go with a recommendation. And on many occasions we are not heard well, or we notice that at least they do not work as well as at the beginning, whether making a call, or simply sending a voice note on WhatsApp. To do this, it is advisable to clean them.

pink iphone

You can use many methods, however, a brush, toothpick, or any object with sharp points could work. We have a tutorial on how to improve the sound of the front speaker, something that also works for the microphone. And I'm sure that it has happened to you, and that when you put your cell phone to your ear you don't hear as loudly as the first day you used it. That is why it is necessary to clean it.

In short, you already know the location of all the microphones on your iPhone, so if at any time a video, a FaceTime call or simply a voice note does not sound good, you will know which of them is the problem, and you can try to clean or remedy it.

And you, did you know the place where the microphones of your mobile phone were located? The truth is that I knew the rear one (because you can see the little dot) and the lower ones, but I didn't know that there was also another one in the place of the speaker and FaceID. Leave us a comment if you did know.