Did you know that if you are a student Apple gives you a discount on its products?

However, it is not for all devices. An iPhone, for example, would not be included in the offers, as it is not considered necessary for it, although we do have a Mac, iPad or their accessories.

How does the Apple discount work?

The process is very simple, if you are studying At any higher education center, Apple will offer you a discount on many of their productswhich, depending on the model and era, can be very interesting.

In my case, although I took advantage of this years ago, I got a MacBook Air for 850 euros, when its price was more than 1,000, and in the same conditions as anyone else, it is no different from the others. This should not be confused with the reconditioned program they have.

Likewise, at the time of starting school, coinciding with the presentations of the new iPhones and products, Apple usually launches more interesting promotions if possible, with 150 euro gift vouchers, or products directly.

A couple of years ago you could get a MacBook Air with this succulent discount When you were older they gave you AirPods 2, so the benefit was even greater. And it is something that is appreciated for being Apple, since we do not usually get these types of reductions.

Although as we said, this is oriented to the study, so we will not be able to get an iPhone, an Apple Watch or AirPods directly at a discount, although if we get the check for 150 euros, we will be able to spend it on whatever we want in the store from Apple.

iPad and Mac Unidays

This applies to any higher study, including, as was in my case, the UNED, which is a distance university, without the need for a physical place to go to daily. However, it is still included in the discounts, which will be made through the UniDAYS platform.

If you are interested in the process, rather than general information, you can take a look at an article we have on how to get the Apple student discount.

In addition, as a student, if you have ever noticed, you can obtain other benefits, such as Apple Music at half price, so it will only cost you 5 euros per month. As well as applications for study or work such as Final Cut.

And you, did you know about the existence of discounts for this type of people? In addition, there is no age limit, if you have repeated a course or are 25 years old and still studying, you can access the same, from the age of 16.

It is something to keep in mind because, if you are looking for a laptop to take to university, being able to opt for 100, 200 or 300 euros discount for a light Mac with a good battery, can make you decide for it, at least in my case It was like that, and one of the reasons why I started in the world of MacOS.