Did you know that they can watch you through your Mac's webcam even if the dot is not green?

Well yes, but it is something very easy to disable by a hacker, so rest assured that if someone wants to see you without you knowing, they will succeed, so today we are going to see what we have to do to avoid this situation .

Green dot webcam, what does it indicate?

When we open FaceTime or another application that uses our webcam we can see a green dot that indicates that the camera is being used for some program, and that we be careful that they may be watching us. This is something very convenient in meetings or group calls, in which we may think that we have deactivated it and this is not the case, and, therefore, they are seeing us.

However, this doesn't always work, since it is something in the system itself that a hacker can deactivate very easily, telling the spyware not to activate the green light when it starts. This means that if we install some type of virus through which a cybercriminal can access our Mac, it is most likely that we will not be notified when starting the webcam.

Therefore, How can we prevent them from recording us without consent? Well, the first thing would be to avoid or clean the malware or virus that is producing it, however, we are going to assume that, logically, we do not know that we have it, nor have we taken good measures to avoid it.

In that case, the most common, logical and simple thing is cover our camera when we do not use it, thus avoiding not only these situations, but also having it activated accidentally (even if the Mac shows it to us). To do this, don't put a piece of tape or anything so tacky, there are almost gifted accessories that will make your computer much more aesthetic and functional.

We leave you here an example from Amazon, although there are thousands of models with different designs, colors, shapes and sizes, and they are all around the same price, so you can buy the one that best suits you.

Its operation is as simple as that of a sliding door, where, depending on which side it is facing, it will be open or closed, thus avoiding in any way that they can record ussince, if they hack us, they will only see a black piece of plastic.

Of course, this does not prevent the microphone, which may be exposed, so they could hear everything we say. And in this case it is not so easy to cover it, although it could be disconnected (but it is much more tedious), so you have to be somewhat careful anyway.

And you, did you know that they can spy on you even if the green dot on your webcam is off? Did you trust this system or are you one of those who already has a cover purchased before reading this? Leave us a comment with your opinion.