Did you know that you can measure someone's height with your iPhone Pro?

One of the utilities of LiDAR sensor of the iPhone Pro, no matter the model, they have it from the 12th to the 15th, is to capture, using a laser, all types of distances, measurements and objects in a place, also thanks to the camera.

This will allow us to create our room in 3D, check the dimensions of a piece of furniture, or directly measure the height of a personsomething not everyone knows their iPhone can do.

How to measure a person with an iPhone?

The function is very useful, especially for having a laugh with friends, and it is also so easy to use that you won't be too lazy to do it. You will only have to open the measurement application for your iPhone.

Its name is that (Measurements) and it comes from the factory with all iPhones, however, sometimes, because we do not know what it is for, or we simply do not use it, we have been able to delete it. If so, you can go to the App Store and download it again in a few seconds.


Once installed, we will only have to open it. The image captured by our camera will appear, along with some buttons with which we can measure an object, piece of furniture, or distance. However, we are interested in a person's height.

In this case, and without the need to touch anything, we will only have to tell the person to stand in front of the camera, at a distance of about 3 meters, to be able to focus on their entire body, from head to toe, and being in a flat place, that is, at the same height for both.

At that time the iPhone, automatically, it will make an animation and show us the measurements, in cm or inches (whatever we configure) of the person in question. Avoid having other people nearby, if possible, unless you want to know how tall someone is without their permission, something that I have already seen some users do, and that I found quite funny.

iPhone Measurements

If you perform the steps correctly, and focus on the person in the correct way, the measurement will be practically exact, and may vary 1 cm from the actual height. Of course, try not to wear a cap, or your hair up, since, although she is trained to detect it, it will not be as accurate.

It is an interesting function, and if you didn't know about it, you probably don't know very well how the LiDAR scanner works, which has quite surprising applications and games.

Yes, all this It is only available in Pro versionssince they are the only ones that have this tool, from the iPhone 12 to the present, so you can use an older mobile phone, as long as it is the Pro version, both the normal size and the Max.

And you, did you know about this function? Is it likely that you would have used the measurement app, but you didn't know that it also measures people automatically? Leave us a comment with your impressions, and if you really use this app, tell us why you find it most useful and where you get the most benefit from it.