Did you know that you can share your purchased apps on iOS with your friends?

I am sure you know how to do the latter, thanks to the “family” group, however, did you know the method to also share the applications or games you have purchased?

Share your apps as a family

The method to do it is very simple, and will work the same as any subscription. The first thing we will have to do is be in an iCloud group, called “family”, which can have up to 6 members, that is, you and five others.

There any subscription such as Apple Arcade or Apple TV+ itself can be shared. If one pays 9.90 euros to watch Apple's own series and movies, so can the rest, but what about the apps?

To do this, an extra special step will have to be carried out, and which, out of fear, many do not do, and it is directly called «share purchases«, an option that we will see within the family group.

At this time we will receive a notice that tells us that by doing this we are granting the rest of the family access to their own card that they will use to purchase and subscribe to services. This is the step that we can modify, selecting a prepaid or unfunded card, which we use only when we all want to purchase an app.

Furthermore, in order for them to make their first purchase, they need the 3 numbers (CVV) of your card, so they would not be able to do so without your permission.

That is, although it is scary to activate this option, since you would be sharing one of your cards with the rest of the family, if you do it right, there is no risk and all purchases that are made by anyone in the group will be shared automatically to the rest.

So, if you want to buy an expensive app or game, you can split the expense, or directly take advantage of another user's purchase.

App Store Games

It is a very interesting method, we all have an application acquired at some point, and since it does not influence us, why don't we let the rest enjoy them? I am sure that they also have some interesting ones that we have not tried for not pay it

In short, if you want to cShare your purchases and subscriptions with 5 other people or directly divide the expense of purchases among everyone, you can, either with acquaintances or with a random group that you find online, although it is always better among friends.

And you, did you know this? Did you know that that Minecraft that cost you 7.99 euros is not necessary for your friend to buy it for the two of you to play together? Furthermore, even if you leave the family, if you have it installed it will remain until you delete it, so it is a good trick if you want someone to “give” you a game or app, or you to give them, despite not being in the family. same family just for a few moments.