Did you know that you can use your AirPods as if they were an AirTag?

It is something that can sometimes be very useful, if for example we go on vacation and want to check our suitcase at an airport, in case it gets lost. But did you know that you can use your AirPods Pro like AirTag?

Use AirPods Pro as an AirTag

To do this we will have to have a recent version of these, normal AirPods do not work, nor the first generation Pro. They will have to be AirPods Pro 2 Gen and with iOS 16 or higher on your iPhone, since they are the only ones that have the necessary hardware to locate it.

If you have one of these, you might never have tried to look for them, since you haven't lost them and you haven't needed them. If you do so, through the Search App, you will be able to track their locationand not only does it work in your house, near them, but any iPhone that is nearby will give you the information, just like an AirTag, since they use the same system.

That is, we can take one of them out of the box, put it in a suitcase, go on a trip, check it in, and know if it has arrived at our destination before it leaves the conveyor belt.

The good thing about this is that you have 2 headphones, and they both have that function, so you can have 2 AirTags in 1 thanks to them. Or simply use one as a tracker and the other to continue listening to music in the meantime.

Now there are two drawbacks very big. The first is that they are not cheap at all, unlike an AirTag, so if you lose them, you probably won't be very happy, so put them in a safe place, don't play with them.

And second, the battery. An AirTag lasts more than 1 year, however, AirPods out of their box have a limitation, so they will be used to carry out monitoring like the one we just mentioned, but not to put in your car and locate it for 1 simple week, since your battery will run out sooner.

AirPods Battery

Of course, as an emergency it is very good, and not everyone knew this, so if you have the indicated model, or a higher one, you can try it now. Grab one, hide it on a couch, and use the Find My app. It will tell you where it is, thanks to your iPhone. But if there is another within an accessible range (10-100 meters), it will also mark its position, even if it is 10,000 km away.

And you, did you know about this feature of the AirPods Pro? You've probably used the search option at some point because one was hidden from you, however, you may also not have realized that it goes beyond your range, and that it can serve as an AirTag on certain occasions. Now you know, I'm sure that one day this information will come in handy.