Did you know what function the side stripes on iPhones have?

These stripes, which are quite a few in some models (my iPhone 13 Pro has 6), have a purpose, and are not there just to be there. If you have noticed, not only those at Apple have it, although they were the first to do so.

What are the side stripes on an iPhone for?

As I said, many models have these lines today, but The first to have them was the iPhone 4so it could be considered an Apple invention.

But what is the function? Well, it's simple, 20 years ago mobile phones had an extendable antenna, as if it were that of a car radio, however, with the passage of time and technological improvements, these were included within the phones. But something happened, and that is that the material that composed them interfered a lot with its reception. And this was a problem.

What did Apple and Steve Jobs come up with at that time? Very easy, add these lines that would make transmitter between the internal part of the iPhone and the external part, thus greatly improving its coveragewhich, years ago, was even more important, since it was smaller than the current one.

It seems that it worked, since many models after the iPhone 15 continue to have exactly the same mechanism, although depending on the brand, some include it on the back or in different shapes, but all with the same objective.

You may have noticed that your coverage doesn't do as well when you put a particular type of cover on. This could be due to the same reason, and it depends a lot on the type of material and its composition. So if you have problems getting good coverage, you already know what one of the reasons could be.

Both glass and metal are two very harmful materials in the transmission of these waves, and, obviously, all mobile phones have part of their equipment made up of these. That is why we will continue to see these stripes for a long time, which, at least, are not so ugly, and that most people did not even know what they are used for, and that they are placed on purpose, not for aesthetics or general design.

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And you, did you know this curiosity? Did you really know what these stripes were for, or did you think, like most people, that they had no use of any kind and were only something representative of the iPhone? If not necessary In the future, would you keep them for pure aesthetics and habit, or do you think the phone would look better without them? Leave us a comment with your opinion, and if you knew about this, tell us what you think about it and when you found out. The truth is that it is something that not everyone knows. And I'm almost sure that you, until now, haven't either. I'm wrong?