Discounted AirPods? Marching!

One of the accessories that practically anyone has to have in their day-to-day life is good headphones, and Apple in this sense can stand out for two reasons, first, because it has headphones for different types of users, and second, because of the great experience these offer. For this reason, in this post we bring you a great discount on the second and third generation AirPods.

discount available

We have just commented that one of the strengths of Apple headphones is that they are able to offer a great user experienceand it is that model independent in question, it is quite rare to hear a negative experience from those who have tried them or use them in their day to day. However, there is a negative point that makes many users opt for other alternatives beforehand, and that is the price.

airpodsApple’s AirPods aren’t exactly cheap, although a fundamental point must be taken into account, that in the end they are products that you will use practically every day, so in the end the profitability that is obtained from them is quite large. That said, the price you have to pay for them is high, specifically 209 or 219 euros in the case of AirPods 3, depending on whether or not the case has wireless charging, and 159 for second-generation AirPods. Well, to solve this, Amazon has the following discounts.

  • Third generation AirPods with wireless charging case: 199 euros.
  • Third generation AirPods with charging case via Lightning: 190 euros.
  • Second generation AirPods: 135.99 euros.

Which of the two is better to buy?

The big question that many users ask themselves is, which of these AirPods models is best suited for me? Well, in the end it all depends on the use you are going to make of them and the preferences you have. on one side you have second generation AirPods, which are the cheapest but also, of course, the ones that offer the least benefits. The highlight is their comfort, and it is that once you put them on it seems that you are not wearing anything in your ears and you can spend hours and hours with them on. In sound quality they are good, but it is true that they are not the best at all, yes, you will be able to enjoy the music with a vengeance.

AirPods 3

On the other side are third generation AirPods, which present several important changes with respect to the previous ones. The first thing that stands out is the change in design, since they are adopted from the AirPods Pro, providing a more modern touch. Now, the really important change and one that you will surely enjoy a lot is inside, since the sound quality they offer is beyond doubt, since they are compatible with spatial audio and lossless audio from Apple Music. In addition, as you have been able to verify, it has a charging box via Lightning or wireless charging, so if you finally end up deciding on these you will have to choose between the two modalities, with the corresponding variation in price, of course.

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