Discounted iPhone 13, what more could you ask for?

With the launch of the new iPhone 14, it is rare to say that the iPhone 13 has benefited, but the reality is that it has. A device that has been on the market for more than a year and that has not officially dropped in price is being the choice of many users. Well, if you have the discount that we leave you in this post, the purchase becomes almost mandatory. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discount available

As we said, it is very rare that a device that has seen another new model take its place continues to sell even more than before. But it is even rarer when the price drop that was due has not occurred and, even so, it continues to sell more than its predecessor. We are talking about the iPhone 13, which thanks to the few novelties that the iPhone 14 has brought and the price increase that this equipment has had, has seen its popularity increase, since in relation to quality / price we are facing one of the best options that can be found in the Apple Store.

Their cameras They are practically traced to those of the iPhone 14, with small differences such as the Photonic Engine or the Action Mode. At the level of battery they are the same, but there are no differences in the powersince they are mounted on the same processor, nor on the design, where they remain exactly the same. All these factors make users choose to buy the iPhone 13 beforehand, since in the end it is practically the same device and they save a good amount of money by not buying the iPhone 14. Well, if you are one of those people who likes 128 GB of the basic model of iPhone 13 they seem few but what the 256 GB model seems expensive to you, the offer that MediaMarkt has is ideal for you, since you can purchase the iPhone 13 of 256 GB for 949 eurosthat is to say, 80 euros cheaper than Apple.

Ideal accessories for this iPhone

The iPhone alone already has tremendous potential and will give you a really satisfying user experience. However, if you surround it with the right accessories, surely that experience will be much better, and sometimes, also much calmer, since the protection of the equipment is key. Therefore, below we leave you a series of accessories or gadgets, whatever you want to call it, that are ideal for this team.

  • Anker 622 MagSafe Portable Charger. The iPhone 13 is a piece of equipment but it does not have plenty of autonomy, so having this portable battery is ideal. With its 5000 mAh it will give you that extra energy that you need so much and you will only have to magnetize it to the back of your equipment.
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case. If you want to have your iPhone well protected, but you don’t want to lose its attractive aesthetics, this Spigen case perfectly fulfills those two missions.

iPhone 13 in black

  • Spigen Screen Protector. We are still talking about Spigen, and now it is time to recommend a good screen protector that also provides you with all the necessary means to be able to put it on without any problem.
  • Anker Wireless Charger. Finally, if you want to forget about cables when charging your iPhone, this Anker MagSafe charging base is ideal for it. In addition, it also has a base to be able to place the AirPods and charge them next to your iPhone.