Discover the improvements that Apple plans to incorporate in iOS 17

iOS 17 is right around the corner! And it is that the new version of the iPhone operating system is expected to be unveiled on the first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Event organized by Apple and which is scheduled to start on June 5.

There has been much speculation about what Apple will show during this event, but now an anonymous source has leaked some details. This same informant was the one who last year gave precise details about the famous dynamic island, so it is a source with a certain degree of reliability.

Among the advances it is said that iOS 17 will include performance and stability improvementsas well as others related to search, the dynamic island, the control center and more.

Improved search function and enhanced Dynamic Island

What the dynamic island of iPhone can do Via Twitter and MacRumors forums, The source indicated that the search function will be greatly enhanced in iOS 17. However, he did not give details about what the improvements would be.

At the moment, iPhone’s built-in search tool helps display information on the device and on the web. Results are visible as you type. Starting with iOS 16, a “Search” button was added at the bottom of the home screen, which facilitates access to this function.

Regarding the dynamic island, the source said that Apple will now include it in all iPhone 15 models.and not only in the Pro and Pro Max, as in the case of the iPhone 14. As for the software, I mention that the Dynamic Island will be able to do much more in iOS 17, but I do not go into details either.

Let’s remember that the Dynamic Island, which was introduced last year, for now you show system alerts such as: incoming phone calls and low battery percentage. Plus, it shows live activity information like sports scores and Uber rides.

Other improvements that we can expect with iOS 17

Taking an iPhone by hand The above are not the only improvements that are expected to come along with the new version of iOS. The source also reiterated that iOS 17 will introduce important changes regarding the design and customization of the Control Center. I add that it will also include new personalized accessibility settings, which will give the user more control over the iPhone interface.

This might have something to do with the hidden “Custom Accessibility Mode” that was discovered in the iOS 16.2 beta. The new mode would allow users to replace the usual home and lock screen with more accessible interface elements, configure larger app icons, among other settings.

Another expected change has to do with notifications and always-on display, updates to the Camera and Health apps, more focus filters, and a host of new ARKit frameworks. On the other hand, Apple is expected to launch its AR/VR headset once and for all by the end of the yearin which it is rumored that he has been working for a long time.

Rumors or truthful information?

The source that leaked the information believes that iOS 17 will focus on performance and stability improvements. So you insist that the update will continue to be compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Xcontradicting an earlier rumor.

We decided to share this information as it comes from the same source, who leaked precise details about the dynamic island on the iPhone 14 last year. However, we urge you to take it as simple rumors.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 17 during its keynote address at WWDC 2023 to be held starting June 5. Lor safer is that the first beta version will be available to developers from that daywhile the first public beta will probably arrive in July.