Discover these cities like never before with Apple Maps

With a focus on detailed city experience, this new version of Apple’s native mapping service wants to revolutionize the way we explore and navigate the city. Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon are the latest cities to benefit from this update.

Better navigation and greater attention to detail

One of the highlights of the detailed city experience in Apple Maps is the improvements to navigation and road signage details that are now much more visible and accurate. Apple Maps is an essential application for drivers and in general all people who want to avoid traffic and get to their destination efficiently whether by car, public transport or bicycle. The new map shows detailed information about the type of road surface, the location of trees and the altitude of the area.

In addition, public transportation routes have been improved, marking turn lanes, medians, bus and taxi lanes, and pedestrian crossings. This makes navigation at the city’s busiest intersections much easier. As we mentioned before, attention to detail is greatly improved with this update and people who travel through these cities daily and use the Apple Maps application will notice the improvement from the first moment.

Detail view for drivers

Perhaps it has happened to you that you are driving towards a complicated intersection and end up taking the wrong lane. Well, now when drivers approach complex intersections, Maps offers a road-level view that shows traffic conditions and suggests the best lane for exiting. This feature is a lifesaver for those driving in congested cities or taking a route for the first time without knowing the road well, as it offers a clearer vision.

Iconic places in 3D

Another very interesting feature of the detailed city experience in Apple Maps is the 3D representation of emblematic places. In Madrid, this means you can explore the Prado Museum, Puerta de Alcalá and other famous monuments in three-dimensional form. In addition to being a much more informative way to view these monuments, it is also a visual delight for lovers of architecture and history.

For those who enjoy the city at night, Maps offers a colorful night mode with the glow of the moon that activates at dusk. Another marvel of the design of Apple’s native applications. Not only is this feature very aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help drivers maintain a clear view of the road at night.

Indications for cyclists in Spain and Portugal

In addition to improvements for drivers, Apple Maps has also become a travel companion for cyclists in Spain and Portugal. Now, users will be able to access detailed turn-by-turn directions for bicycle routes on bike lanes and bicycle-friendly roads.

These directions for cyclists will include important information such as the altitude of the route and the traffic situation on busy roads. This will allow cyclists to choose routes that avoid steep slopes and a lot of traffic, providing safety to bike trips.

Voice prompts will also be available for cyclists, so we can stay focused on the road while receiving instructions on our route. In addition, Maps offers information on the location of public bathrooms, or places to stop, which makes planning your routes even easier.

All this plus the iOS 17 improvements that include the ability to see offline maps or the visualization of charging stations for electric vehicles, means that Apple’s native Maps application is gradually becoming the favorite of users to plan their routes and trips.