Disney Alliance – Epic Games Return of Fortnite to the App Store?

A few days ago, Disney and Epic Games (remember, the company behind titles like Fortnite) announced a new strategic alliance that could help Fortnite return to the App Store despite the bad relations that the company has had with Apple in recent times.

This new alliance will bring new features to Fortnite, which you already know is characterized by incorporating thematic content from time to time in the game, and this time will have new content (both characters and its own story) from the Disney world, including Walt Disney himself and going through Star Wars, Pixar or even Marvel. In addition, new titles based on the Disney world could also be released in the future.

This alliance has not only been collaborative in order to incorporate part of Disney content into Epic Games video games, but Disney has bought a minority part of Epic Games investing 1.5 billion (American) dollars in the company itself for this long-term project.

This move by Disney is presented as a new strategy for the company that had already conquered cinema to do so in the world of video games. While it is not the first collaboration that Disney has made with Epic Games, Disney CEO Bob Iger classifies this move as “the biggest move into the world of video games” the company has ever made.

And how can this affect the possible return of Fortnite to the App Store? Well, Disney has a very close relationship with Apple and, after this new alliance in which they are putting a lot of effort in the world of video games, Disney is interested in the visibility of the App Store and that Fortnite would be available again in addition to the rest of the launches that there were. All this, despite Apple's quarrels and legal disputes with Epic Games in recent years.

We will see what port this ship arrives at and more, after the Apple's change in the European Union regarding third-party Stores. We will be very attentive.