Do not do it! Avoid these errors on your Mac

Avoid making these mistakes

Whenever you get started on a new device or app, you require a small learning curve to adapt to the new system. As a consequence of this, you can commit or pick up bad habits if they do not explain to you well which sections harm the system. The same situation occurs in macOS, since they may be unaware of functions that can damage the device and that, in the long run, can cause it to break.


When you buy a Mac, you have to choose the storage that the device will have with the problem that you cannot change it if you need more space in the future. Therefore, before having the device at full capacity, use external storage disk.

Having the capacity of your storage almost full can cause problems in booting the device, impossibility of being able to update the equipment due to lack of space and above all, You will notice a slowness when it comes to executing most of the processes, either an app or a file. On the Mac, keep the bare minimum and leave the files you use on a daily basis in the cloud or on hard drives.

fill the desk

Beyond the clutter of having the entire desktop full of applications, the Mac desktop is for having the as few files as possiblebecause it slows down the computer.

For this, the best option is to have all the files in Documents, Downloads, Files, or iCloud Drive with the aim of having, firstly, a clean desktop and therefore, with more performance and secondly, to know how to find documents or projects more quickly.

iCloud Drive desktop

storage of iCloud Drive desktop It can be a problem for many users who are not familiar with the Mac, since all the files that you have on the desktop, when it has been with them for a while, it uploads them to the storage cloud.

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

The problem it generates is double. On the one hand, if you have the free iCloud plan, you will fill it up very quickly and secondly, it will slow down your system due to having it full and, above all, you will receive notifications that your storage is constantly full.

Do not activate programs during power up

many applications, such as Figma or Spotify, are activated when you turn on the computer. In addition, generating a slow startup, taking up space in the hard disk and in the secondary processes of the ignition. If you have a lot of startup apps, even the Mac may not turn on, or have hard drive crash issues. In system preferences or system settings, you can turn it off or even in the application preferences that it is turned on by default.

MacBook Air Dock

Not only do you have to safeguard and avoid problems with Apple’s operating system, but you also have to take care of device hardware, cleaning from time to time the screen of the Mac, the keyboard and even the entrances of the connection ports. All these details will extend the life of your Mac.