Do not think twice and buy the Apple Watch Ultra at this price

One of the devices that has evolved the most in the Smartwatch landscape and, specifically, Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Ultra, the new Apple smartwatch that was presented in September together with the new iPhone 14. This device has amazing features, but also with a much higher price than the competition. Therefore, in this article we analyze this MediaMarkt offer to purchase the device at a very cheap price.

The Apple Watch, Apple’s flagship

As we mentioned, the Apple Watch Ultra has been the subject of debate for a long time, in fact, to this day it continues to be, since in the end it is about a model that costs 999 euros in the Apple store. Many users consider that the price is unjustified, above all, because No is thinking for a professional public in extreme sports, while others believe that yes it’s worth it pay that money for this equipment because it responds perfectly to the requirement of any type of professional user. On the other hand, where there is no doubt or debate is in the price, since MediaMarkt has launched a amazing discount in this watch that will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Apple Watch Ultra, GPS+Cellular, 49 mm and Alpine Loop Strap Size M Orange color: 955 euro.
  • Apple Watch Ultra, GPS+Cellular, 49 mm and Alpine Loop Strap Size M Green color: 955 euro.
  • Apple Watch Ultra, GPS+Cellular, 49mm, Midnight Ocean Band: 955 euro.

When purchasing the product, you can also add additional protection plans offered by MediaMarkt on your device, to have free repairs in the event of an accident or breakage of an internal component.

  • Crash Protector + Installation: 9.99 euro.
  • Retirement of the old Apple Watch.

Finally, Media Mark also gives you the option of being able to finance the product up to 14 comfortable installments and without interest in the event that you do not want to make the full disbursement at the time of acquisition.


The strengths of the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra itself is a piece of a device, offering something completely different to the 8 and SE generations. In addition, its characteristics and design make it, from afar, the best Apple Watch that has been created to date. Of course, it has a very high price as you already know, but with promotions like the one mentioned and its financing, it makes its acquisition easier.

The highlights of this Watch are endless. Regarding its construction materials, it is made of titanium, which gives the watch a greater resistance than to the normal models mentioned above. Its size is also different, since it has a 49mm case that makes everything playing on your screen look better, bigger and more lucid because it also incorporates a higher brightnessreaching 2000 nits. The screen is also much more shelteredwhich prevents breakage in case of accidents or blows.


Finally, we cannot end this article without mentioning the battery, since, you can go up to two days without going through the charger, a quite important extra compared to normal models, in addition, it also has fast charge. Do not think twice and buy the best companion you can have for your iPhone, the Apple Watch series Ultra.

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