Do this if you have WiFi problems with iOS 17

This year, with the arrival of iOS 17 and the iPhone 15, some users have encountered Wi-Fi issues that have been affecting the user experience. In this article, we explain in detail these Wi-Fi problems that have arisen with iOS 17, along with possible solutions.

Updating operating systems is always something that excites users, especially those who are more followers of the brand. However, no system is free of problems. Although iOS 17 has been very stable since its launch, these isolated WiFi problems can cause frustration among users. That’s why we’re going to see what solutions you could implement if you experience problems with WiFi in iOS 17.

Users comment on their problems on social networks

In some cases the initial excitement of updating to iOS 17 has been dampened by problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. Among the reported problems are the inability to load content in applications, Extremely slow connections and intermittent disconnections. Luckily these problems are very common, but we are still going to offer some solutions in case it has happened to you.

“Different users have commented on social networks that they could not load content, or the internet connection worked very slowly.” Also that you notice a noticeable decrease in speed when your iPhone 15 Pro Max is connected to a Wi-Fi network. These online testimonials reflect an experience that can be frustrating for users who rely heavily on a stable Wi-Fi connection on their devices to perform day-to-day tasks.

Possible solutions

Faced with these problems, some users have tried to find solutions on their own. Some have reported that disabling the feature “iCloud Private Relay” helped solve their intermittent loading issues on websites. Others have adjusted the Wi-Fi channel range to 20 MHz, 40 MHz or 80 MHz, and have also commented that they have noticed improvements in connectivity.

A widespread or isolated problem?

The big question that remains is whether these Wi-Fi problems are widespread or whether they affect only a small number of users. Since reports and problem reports come from different sources, It is difficult to determine the exact extent of the problem.

The hope for users who are experiencing this problem is that these problems are the result of a software bug that Apple can fix with an iOS update. However, until Apple officially addresses the situation, users will have to wait patiently. Especially those who have not been able to find a solution to the problem themselves.

Although it is not clear whether these problems are widespread or isolated, what is certain is that they have caused frustration among those affected. It is also true that the reports of incidents with WiFi have not been massive and that leads us to think that they may possibly be isolated cases. Meanwhile, Apple’s official response is still pending, adding to uncertainty about when and how these issues will be resolved.