After Apple’s (big) announcement of the new 2nd generation HomePod yesterday, many owners of the 1st generation HomePod were wondering if they it would be possible to pair it with the new HomePod to get stereo sound. The answer is quick and simple: NO.

In yesterday’s press release, Apple made it clear that this will not be a possibility For users with a first generation HomePod:

To create a pair of HomePod stereo speakers two HomePod speakers of the same model are requiredsuch as two HomePod mini, two HomePods (2nd generation), or two HomePods (1st generation).

That does not mean that the two devices cannot be used together absolutely. If you buy a new HomePod and already have a first-generation HomePod in your home, they can be used to play music in different rooms, and features like intercom will work on both devices.

On the other hand, the arrival of the new HomePod and its temperature, humidity sensors and compatibility with Matter have brought good news for users of another HomePod: the Mini. It seems that a software update for the HomePod Mini is on the way (coming with iOS 16.3 next week) which will add two key features that will change the way we use our devices: indoor temperature and humidity detection. This will give a lot of play to the creation of shortcuts and home management with HomeKit. It seems that Apple is putting all the meat on the grill in this matter.

The new HomePod costs 349 euro and is available in colors white and midnight Availability in stores and the first deliveries to buyers will begin next friday february 3 in certain countries (Spain is included).

And you, have you already bought a new HomePod?