Do you have a new iPhone? If I were you, I would protect it with these covers.

Whenever we buy a new iPhone, the first thing we usually do is buy a new case to protect it from possible bumps and falls. It is true that the materials that make up the iPhone’s chassis are very good, however they are not infallible. Thus, In this post we show you some cases that you can put on your new iPhone.

Holster improvements

Below we are going to see a compilation of the main cases that you can buy with your iPhone, regardless of whether you bought a 2022 generation model from a previous generation. In the event that you have a previous device, you can search for the same reference but for your specific model. Obviously, the price of the covers will be different depending on the quality of the materials, resistance or rigidity.

Official Apple MagSafe Cases

One of the best cases that you can add to your iPhone are the official Apple cases and their many options. Specifically, we are referring to the model that has MagSafe technology, being one of the main attractions of this case if we exclude the quality of its materials and its high quality when it comes to adapting to our iPhone.

Inside of MagSafe technology, we find two types of covers. On one hand, we have the transparent and on the other hand, we have cover with colors, to give your iPhone a different color than the one included in its chassis. If you have an iPhone 12 or later, MagSafe technology is one of the best options to combine with your new iPhone.

The case that best protects your iPhone


If you are a type of user who wants protect your iPhone completelywe recommend a type of cover that protects the device on all sides, including the front and the chassis, sacrificing the design of our device.

These types of covers have a magnetic closure to avoid that if the iPhone with this case is in a backpack or bag, it can open and damage the screen of the device, which is one of the functions in terms of its design. The cover is not only available to protect the screen, but also has as a few tickets to store bus cards or Tickets.

Rinoshield Modular Cover


The Rhinoshield covers They are high-quality covers, with well-constructed materials and that are present for different models, from long-lived models to the new 14 series. One of the most interesting options are the modular coverswhich are a type of cover that has a protection frame on the edges and that can change the module whenever you want and without losing wear as a result of the changes or in the construction of the cover itself.

The price is one of the most outstanding aspects, being very close to the official Apple cases, therefore, it is an aspect to take into account because they do not have a low economic value and many users may prefer the official Apple case in detail. from a third party.

Which one do we stay with?

Choosing a cover is never easy, so ethe only and main advice What we can give you is that you look at what type of covers you have used before and if it convinces you, repeat with the same formula.

In the event that you want to change, any of the three options available are a great choice, being the official Apple case the best product for your iPhone par excellence. However, Rinoshield covers provide a completely different design.